What are the advantages and disadvantages of IPTV and cable television systems?

Everyone is moving towards a smart IPTVin this digital era. Since the availability of options is high in this method of broadcasting, the demand is rising. Also, there are several advantages for an IPTV system over other types of broadcasting. In this article, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of iptv website systems and cable television systems in brief.


IPTV uses the internet for content transmission from the broadcaster to the user.


  • Your videos played on the IPTV system will not get an interruption as you would get in a cable or satellite television. Unless you have a defective android player, you can watch seamless content using an IPTV.
  • Everything you need to get your IPTV subscription running is a mobile phone or a smart TV with an internet connection. Since there are no installment requirements, you can watch your programs as soon as you pay the subscription fee.
  • You will get to watch movies, shows, and other types of content from various regions. So, you can improve your cultural knowledge as you get exposed to a wide range of landscapes and people.
  • If you have your IPTV connection setup on your mobile, you can catch the television programs even when you are traveling or in a place far from the television. So, your entertainment could be seamless regardless of your location.
  • If you run a business like a hotel where there would be several people roaming around, you can use an IPTV system to upload some guide videos and advertisements created by yourself to help your customers. These videos would be private and no one else could stream them. It will be informative and entertaining at the same time.



  • An IPTV connection will be seamless only when you have high-speed internet. If it is not there, you could not expect interruption-less streaming of videos.
  • Implementing an IPTV system for a business space would be expensive at times.

Cable TV

A cable television system will use fiber optic cables or coaxial cables to bring the media content to the user.


  • Your picture quality would be perfect to watch when you stream a television show using a cable connection. Coaxial cables would not provide loss of data.
  • The range of channels to choose from would be high and you will not get bored of watching only a few channels.
  • In some cases, you would have to pay less if you want only a few channels. The availability of channels will be in your control.


  • If there is no cable operator in your locality, you will find it tedious to set up a cable television system.
  • You would have to pay a hefty sum in your initial stages and would have to keep paying every month. So, it could be expensive if you are not a TV-buff.
  • All the content available on cable television would be scheduled and you will not find a program to watch if its time has passed.