4 Types Of Candles For Lightning Your House On Different Occasions

Nowadays, candle decoration is in trend, and people love to decorate their houses and hotels through candles. Handmade candles made from different flavors and material is very popular among the users. People buy bulk candles as per their uses, such as some buy tea candles, whereas others buy for lightening their house. People buy candles for many different occasions, especially to create a romantic theme at any place. Usually, candles symbolize celebration, using candles on cakes for birthday and anniversaries are a very old trend.

On religious occasions and festivals, people also buy candles to light their house as it is considered a Holy thing. Candles are not only a source of lighting, but they also symbolize happiness and charity. Many different types of wax candles are used for different purposes. Such as for traditional purposes, parties, tea lighting, and many more.  Look at the different features of different candles used on several different types of occasions.

  1.  Birthday Candles

Birthday candles are usually used for decorating the pudding or cake made for the birthday girl or boy. As they are used for decorating the cake, colorful and think candles are used that look pretty above the cake. The color of a Birthday candle is usually vibrant that highlights above the cake. Most people prefer to buy wax candles for a birthday cake to keep up the hygiene level of the cake.

  1. Tea And Dinner Candles

These are candles but give the experience of a beautiful lamp for small lighting. These are broader and short candles which are kept in a beautiful transparent glass. The glass in which the candles are kept light a completely from the lighting of the candle. Nowadays, people are also using colorful candles and glasses, which enhance the view. These candles look beautiful on romantic dates and even at professional meetings. These candles provide calmness and settle feeling to a person.

  1.  Votives

These candles are similar to tea candles in their appearance, and the glass there is also the same. But they are larger than the tea candles, and that’s why they are perfect for bigger events. People fond of lighting flavored candles such as lavender candles, Rose candles, or hibiscus candles in the room can also try these. These candles are enough for almost 3 to 4 hours of lighting.

  1. Pillar Candles

These are the largest candle available in all the different types of candles. People who use candles to light up their house can consider using these; they are also the oldest form of a candle. Not only for home use can people also use it for decoration by combining it with many other different types of candles. Keeping these alone at the boundaries of a house looks very pretty and adorable.

 Concluding Lines These are some common types of candles that many different people used for decoration and daily uses. For example, candles are the best way of decorating your houses and spreading positivity all around your room. In addition, people suffering from insomnia can try flavored candles to enhance sleep and get a good mood.