Top 5 Things To Wear With Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are among the hottest styles in fashion today. People of all ages from all over the world are fascinated with its unique designs and comfort level. To flatten bulges, smooth out a flat stomach, conceal panty lines, and give you perfect figure one should always wear fitting lingerie. This kind of undergarment is a good answer for the age-old question on how to wear bodycon dresses with confidence.

One of the most important things to consider when wearing bodycon dresses is your shape. For those with thin and sagging stomachs, wearing a bandage dress or camikini would be the right option as it will cover the belly without concealing its natural curves. For women with curves like a pear or apple, the best option to go for are the bodycon dresses with flowing skirt and wide neckline. These two are perfect for emphasizing the natural beauty and curvy figure of every woman.

For women who have bigger busts, the best way to hide that little extra is to pair with a bodycon dress with a halter neckline and darker colours. A blazer or bolero would do the trick and accentuate your curves. A dress in dark colours would work best especially if you wear it with skin tight pants, body stockings and black heels. If you are going for a night out, you can pull off the look with darker colours paired with skin tight outfit. Avoid wearing dark colours in the day time, it will only add to your morning jitters.

For some simple tips on wearing bodycon dresses with ease, one can simply follow some of the favourite celebrity’s looks. It’s best to stick to what you know and love. For example, it is not advisable to wear heels with a body con dress if you are looking for some height. However, wearing heels is a must with the shorter dresses and skirts.

Celebrities have been wearing body-hugging dresses for a long time now. If you have not tried out wearing one, then it’s time you do so. You could either go for a kimono top, short mini skirt or knee-length leggings. These three pieces are all must-haves for wearing the body-hugging style effectively.

If you want to make a bold statement with your bodycon dresses, the perfect footwear to pair it with is a pair of patent leather high heels. You can choose from wedge heels, ankle boots, sandals, platforms, wedges and more. A pair of comfortable rubber shoes also goes perfectly with it. Wearing rubber shoes never fails to enhance your look, especially if you pair it with a denim shirt.