Ditch your plastic bags and go for cloth bags – one step towards environment conversation.

Almost a year ago, there has been an increased surge of awareness regarding environmental changes, the increasing temperature and global warming. Cities like New York go through a striking count of twenty-three billion plastic bags per year. That’s a lot of plastic bags to take care of. They are the biggest contributors to global warming needing decades to a thousand years to decompose. Choices like paper bags, and bags made from reusable fabric. It is now common to come across people who prefer tote bags for their shopping sprees and grocery hauls. The biggest advantage of cloth bags although is compounded by the kind of impact they have on the environment.

What kind of cloth bags can one choose from and how environment-friendly are they?

There are two main categories to reusable cloth bags, which are as follows:

  1. natural
  2. synthetic

Natural fibers, for example, jute, hemp and cotton are very environment-friendly because of their ability to biodegrade after they have fulfilled their purpose. Both jute and hemp are very economical to cultivate making them one of the most ideal plants to harvest and cultivate. Committing to these bags will the most impactful steps we can take as individuals to reduce the use of plastic and replacing disposable ones with reusable ones. Bags made from natural fibers are made for being multipurpose. Many users associate these bags with grocery shopping however they are great for trips as well.

Style with awareness is not hard to come by with these online platforms.

It is important to bust the myth that cloth bags are untrendy and do not follow fashion. However, online platforms such as 12Tess, which is a company based in Thailand, specializing in the manufacture of clothing accessories and environment-friendly bags. But the most special equation on them is their website that with the help of various algorithms helps the user to design and customize their product before the purchase. Their Cloth bag factory [โรงงานถุงผ้า, which is the term in Thai] produces one of the most style evoked bags that can easily make a fashion statement.