Mice Cannot Hibernate: What This Means for Homeowners

What Is Rodent Season and How Long Does It Last?

Mice can be a year-round issue and they cannot hibernate. To survive freezing temperatures, they take shelter in a warm place where they have access to food. Once temperatures begin to drop, they will start looking for a place to survive the winter. Because of their inability to hibernate, mice will have to prepare their nests for winter. However, this means they will always try to sneak into good nesting sites including your home. Thankfully, an Austin pest exterminator can deal with a mouse issue with precision and accuracy. 

Are Mice Nesting in Your Home?

Mice are small and quiet sneaky, so it can be hard to know if they are invading your home. But, if you know where to look, you might find signs of mice infestation. If you think you have a mouse issue in your home, check your food storage. Usually, mice sneak into pantries to feed n dry goods such as nuts, grains, and candy. You may have a mice issue if you can find gnawed or soiled food or damaged packaging material. Also, mice gnaw on anything soft, so look for bite marks and damage to furniture, books, and electrical wiring. 

Moreover, mice leave droppings in dark corners and runways. These droppings are quite small and cone-shaped. Because these rodents build their nests out of collected scraps of cloth, paper, and insulation, you will know if you have a mouse issue if you notice trash accumulation. Lastly, mouse droppings and urine smell and this could get worse if the infestation is extensive. 

What Mice Love About Your Home

Mice prefer to build their nest in places where they can get the things they need to live. They may build a nest in your home if they have access to warmth, food, water, and shelter. Mice don’t stop eating to stay healthy, even during the cold months. They will constantly look for food sources and can smell if they can get them in your home. Also, they need to stay warm to survive the freezing temperature. That is why they tend to follow air drafts into your house and stay in warm, dark places. Although they don’t need plenty of water, they tend to drink it constantly. And because they prefer to be away from other creatures, they like to hide in dark, cluttered, secluded places. 

Because mice cannot hibernate, you have to watch out for them all year long. When these rodents establish themselves in your home, they will stay even if it is already warm outside. So, if you think mice are nesting in your home, call mice exterminators right away.