Tips for Designing Carpet Tiles

Carpet tile (พื้น พรม, which is the term in Thai) is fun and let you get creative with your style. They are straightforward to install and are a great do-it-yourself project. They are also easy to clean, which makes them widely used in homes. 

 You can install it using various designs, different colours and beautiful layouts or even all the above mentioned. Read on for design tips to help get the best out of your carpet tile.

Monolithic vs Quarter Turn

The primary way to place carpet tile is by a monolithic pattern or straight lay as some people call it. It is typically a non-pattern, but, to make it more intriguing, you can use a quarter turn, this makes a difference particularly with patterns. As the name suggests, you turn the carpet tiles on a 90-degree angle.

 Brick lay vs Ashlar

 Another way to place carpet tile is by doing a brick lay or an ashlay pattern; the layout of the room often determines this choice. And you can as well combine quarter turn and brick lay (or ashlar). This is known as a quarter drop pattern.


 This pattern adds colour and dimension to a room. It can work well with bold colours (e.g. in a playroom) at times; other times, neutral colour (e.g. grey) or pop colour (e.g. light blue) go better with it 

Colour Patterns

 Here you can “play” with the colour. The colour option is limitless, or you can choose a few colours if you want. Have fun; the surface is your canvass.

Mix and Match

 You can mix patterns, colours, sizes, textures and even shapes. You can make a chevron pattern which can be arranged to appear like rectangular pieces but are actually square. It’s boundless how creative you can get with carpet tile patterns when installing them.