How Should You Store Your Clothes?

With the transforming of the seasons, it’s the best time to start considering keeping garments long term. If you’re staying in a climate with all four seasons, chances are you won’t be requiring those shorts and sundresses for an additional nine months. Possibly you’re now using the snow boots, but if it’s not the case, we’ve compiled ideas for saving garments long-term. Whether you’re prepared to save extra clothes in a storage device for a prolonged period, or you’re making room for your seasonal wardrobe, let’s take a tour.

Long-Term Clothing Storage Tips

To Vacuum Seal or otherwise? 

When taking into consideration lasting clothing storage space alternatives, Vacuum bag [ถุงสูญญากาศ, which is the term in Thai] always shows up in the search results page. While securing your clothes in closed plans might feel like an excellent idea because it can save space, it might not be the best alternative for preserving the quality of your products. Vacuum-sealed bags keep all air out, which preventing ventilation for your clothing. In some instances, mold and mildew formation can start, specifically if you stay in a location with a lot of wetness airborne.

Correct Packing

Keep in mind to wash your clothes before loading them away long term. This will help make surface area stains much easier to remove, as well as they would not be as most likely attract vermin. When you do not necessarily need to iron clothes prior to packaging, you ought to still load them with treatment. Remember to put heavier things at the end of the box, as well as lighter items on top.

Pick the Right Container

Picking the appropriate container goes a long way towards securing your apparel in lasting storage. We recommend air-tight plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes, as well as plastic bags. Plastic sheet [แผ่นพลาสติก, which is the term in Thai] help maintain your clothes completely dry, as well as help prevents the growth of mold. Ensure when using containers of these types, they are tidy, as well as dry. You can also line them with sheets of clean.