How to Get Instagram Followers Without Hashtag Rush

Hashtags are one of the best ways to increase one’s followers and engagement. But many people overuse them to get instagram followers, and it gets messy. Many people’s niche is one of the kind where hashtags aren’t much of use as well.

Spamming hashtags may look unprofessional and desperate. Not using them will not only halt the follower gaining but also drive away from the current followers.

One can also get instagram followers without using hashtags. Given below are a few of the tips one can use to get instagram followers without using hashtags and don’t look unprofessional in front of their followers:

  • Use the location feature:

One way to do this is to use the add location feature of Instagram. This feature is good, especially for account holders who create content in traveling or food niches.

Geotags are popular these days. People use them to search for a location over Instagram. They use for looking up places one already has visited and search, if that particular place is worth their time or not. 

They might search one’s account and like the place after visiting and might even give a follow!

  • Use the explore tab to one’s advantage:

The explore tab is one of the easiest ways to get instagram followers. The explore tab isn’t a static page. Therefore, all people have different options in their own explore tabs.

The explore tab shows content that one searches a lot. Therefore people who like the genre one has his/her account in might give a follow.

Therefore one should try to get in the top view of the explore tab of the people who have similar interests. 

  • Keep on posting:

The Instagram analytics show that the accounts that post around six times a week get instagram followers more than the accounts that post much infrequently.

Even when it comes to posting daily, one shouldn’t come out desperate. Do not ask people to follow as it sounds needy, and no one will follow if one does that.

Keeping the posts at seven times per week is the most ideal situation. Posting daily is fine, but positing twice and thrice a day is a big no-no.

  • Communicate in other posts:

One should appreciate one’s competitors. It won’t hurt anyone if one likes and comments on their posts as well. In fact, doing it makes a positive environment in the comment sections, and it prompts others to check out one’s account. 

It also makes people feel that the owner of the account is a friendly person. It is a great way to get instagram followers and make a positive image of oneself in the community.

  • Do giveaways and contests:

Another way to get instagram followers without using hashtags is to do giveaways and contests. Try to host contests and give one’s products or services free to the top five or three winners.

People love giveaways, and they will definitely attract more people. It will increase one’s account engagement, helping them get instagram followers.

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