How to Create a Mockup Using mock designer for Impressive Mockups

Do you ever feel that you’re continually dragging your designer to different locations just so they can verify something, or do you find that your designers are continuously requesting new symbols, icons, and UI elements? These are the most common scenarios in which getting a mockup right becomes difficult- it seems like every day designers come up with new ways of getting designers to spend more time on their designs and less time checking everything, with real-world implications on how much time it takes from your team and how much customer feedback you’ll get back from them.


Well, if you find yourself in any of these situations, then this article is exactly what you need- resist not the temptation to use the manufacturer’s mockup software, resist the temptation instead to create your design using mock designer for Impressive Mocks- here is how using mockup software can get in the way of creating amazing mockups for your mobile apps or websites faster than ever before.


Why you should never use mockup software


Though mockup software is a great tool, it’s like a hammer that perfectly fits all the little cracks in your workflow; a mockup tool will become a roadblock to your design process; using mockup software forces you to design your screens to look like what the software is expecting to see.


Mockup software forces you to design for a specific device, whether it’s Android or iOS, which is a huge problem because everyone in your organization, from your engineers to your business stakeholders, will have a different opinion about what device your app should look like- this could lead to design changes, confusion, and overall frustration for everyone. Instead of using a mockup tool to create mockups, you can create mockups using real-world data.


How to create a mockup with Mock Designer for Impressive Mocks


When it comes to creating mockups, mockup software can be confusing, especially for someone new to the industry, you want to create a mockup to help your designer visualize what their app will look like on different devices but you don’t want to blindly follow the directions of the software, that’s where Mock Designer for Impressive Mocks comes in. 


It’s a mockup maker that lets you utilize real-world examples to generate your mockups, use real photographs and tables from your data, and you won’t be limited by a software’s design rules, you can create mockups in minutes; to make a mockup, first, choose the piece you want to utilize, then choose a picture and tweak the colors, typeface, and size and when you’re done, you can save your mockup as a PNG or PDF- the mockup builder is easy to use and lets you generate mockups using real-world data, it is perfect for creating user interface prototypes without having to learn a mockup application.


A real-world example of how to use the real thing


Create a website for a meal delivery service, there is a section on your website where consumers can leave comments about the meal and this brief, inconspicuous portion is near the bottom of the page; as a meal delivery service, you are constantly striving to improve your service, as a result, you decide to include a tiny poll in the section for comments inquiring about the client’s experience with meal delivery, you want to make a few modest adjustments to the website without rebuilding it, instead of reconstructing the website, make small changes quickly by producing mockups based on real-world examples.

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