What are the different types of vape pens available in the market?

A vape pen is also called the marijuana vaporizer use to consume the hash oil. The consumption of marijuana has increased in recent years. There are lots of methods to inhale the hash oil, but the vaporizer method is one of the best. A person needs to put the hash oil in the tank of the vape pen and start the power button. When we push the power button, cannabis starts to release the vapor, and then we can inhale the steam with the help of a mouthpiece. There are many wholesale vape pens shops available in the market.

Type of the vape pens

People are adopting different methods of taking cannabis. Cannabis is a substance that extracts from the hemp tree because it gets from the hemp tree; it is also called the hemp oil. We can buy the whole vape pens form the wholesale shop.

  1.     Cartridge pens

Cartridge pens make the inhaling process very easy; these are the affordable pens. For maintaining the cartridge, you don’t need to make any efforts; we need low maintenance to keep these pens. Cartridges is a pen which is made of the plastic, glass as well as metal, we can say it is a strong vaporizer. It is very compatible when you are thinking of refilling the hash oil. Only you need to open the container and pout the cannabis in it. For consuming this substance, we need to push the power button.      

  1.     Concentrate pens

The function of the concentrate pen is similar to the cartridge pen. As the name suggests that you need a strong element in the tanker for inhaling. If you feel att5 concentrate is much thick, then you can make the juice of and use it. It is effortless to handle these types of pens; we don’t need to make any extra effort only open the container and put the cannabis in it and on the power button. It will start releasing the vapors, and then you can inhale.

We can remove any parts of this pen; it is a benefit because we can clean the vape pen properly. It is vital to clean the vaporizer from time to time.

  1.     Herb vaporizers

With the help of herb pen or vaporizer, you can only consume the dry flower. It is only made for dry marijuana; if you are using concentrated cannabis in herb pen, it will not work efficiently. If we talk about the size of the herb pens, these have a large size than another vape pen. Users can be disappointed with the price of herb pens; these are costly than the other vaporizers. If we purchase these from wholesale vape pens shops, we may get it at a reasonable price.


As we have discussed different types of vape pens, the selection of one vape pen depends on the substance. If one is going to consume the dry flower, then the herb pen is the right choice for him. According to the requirements, an individual can choose the vaporizer.