Everything about Lasix in Modern Bodybuilding

Is bodybuilding for health good or bad? Influence that iron sport

Modern bodybuilding can be divided into 2 parts:

  • Competitive – an athlete does everything to achieve a result.
  • Amateur – a person visits the gym to improve his figure, he does not plan to perform.

Competitive bodybuilding does not always mean performing on stage. Competitive bodybuilding is occupied by Lasix (Furosemide) who compete with their reflection in the mirror and like-minded friends. Competitive bodybuilding is characterized by:

Expose the athlete to overloads. The athlete gives all the best for 110% every time he goes to the gym. He experiences a lot of muscle failures, goes beyond the possibilities to increase the arm’s volume by at least 1 centimeter, draw muscles better, achieve any goal in the shortest possible time.

The use of anabolic steroids and other “doping” in the form of growth hormone, insulin, as well as drugs that improve the appearance of muscles.

Severe restrictions on diet and lifestyle. The athlete devotes his life to bodybuilding, obsesses with it, makes the rise of the barbell and dumbbells the meaning of life.

Sharp fluctuations in weight. Mass-Dry Cycle. Example: during the autumn-winter-spring period, a bodybuilder gains 25 kilograms of weight, 13 of which are muscle mass. At the end of spring and summer, it “dries” – it drives off excess weight with the help of a diet, trying to maintain muscle. As a result, he loses 13 kilograms, 3 of which are muscles. Bottom line: over the year, the athlete gained 12 kilograms, 10 of which are muscle mass. Such fluctuations are effective in gaining muscle mass, but have a negative effect on the state of the cardiovascular system.

Competitive bodybuilding is absolutely harmful to health. Such bodybuilding is:

  • Various injuries. Over-intensive work to failure sooner or later always leads to injury. Rapid progress, a large weight of shells – also an increased chance of injury.
  • Deterioration of body tissues. Joint problems are one of the main problems of iron sports adherents. The human body is not designed for squats with a barbell, the weight of which is twice the weight of a person’s body. The body has reserves – for several years you will be able to do inhuman work, after which irreversible changes in the body’s tissues will make themselves felt. Look at professional bodybuilders who, after completing a career, are forced to “change” their joints. The example of the eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman proves that competitive bodybuilding is a harmful sport, it is work that will worsen your health.
  • Deterioration of the cardiovascular system. Recently, bodybuilders have been dying like flies from diseases of the cardiovascular system. The reason is the rapid deterioration of the cardiovascular system, the resource of which is finite. Intensive training, huge jumps in weight, unhealthy diet, taking illegal drugs – all this leads to a situation where, at 25-30 years, the heart resource is used up as if you lived 55-60 years of normal life.
  • Increased risk of developing cancer and other “diseases of civilization.” The reason is the use of growth hormone and anabolic steroids, without which modern bodybuilding is impossible.

Depreciation of the resource of internal organs. Bodybuilders bring their body to exhaustion with a gym, nutrition, and doping. This requires increased work of the heart, kidneys, liver – all body systems. The result is a disease that, with a normal (not healthy) lifestyle, would have manifested itself at the age of 70 years, in a professional bodybuilder it appears in 40.

In the period from 1990 to 2010-2015, professional bodybuilding was considered a useful sport for lack of evidence to the contrary. Many athletes sacrificed their health to prove that competitive (professional) bodybuilding is the worst that a person can do to improve health.

Amateur Bodybuilding Improves Health

Amateur bodybuilding is similar to professional bodybuilding only in name. Amateur bodybuilding has the following characteristics:

  • Training is intense, but not to failure. There is a strengthening of the musculoskeletal system without body wear. Muscles are built smoothly, due to the observance of the key principles of bodybuilding. The athlete does not need to give all the best 110% every time.
  • Focus on appearance and health. The goal of amateur bodybuilding is to show a harmonious, beautiful, healthy person with the right proportions. There is no need to use doping.
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system. Proper nutrition and aerobic exercise improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels. Refusal of the cycles “mass-cutting” leads to the fact that the athlete gains muscle mass gradually, with a minimum amount of fat. The cardiovascular system does not experience the same stress as when engaged in “chemical” bodybuilding.
  • Overall health improvement. Bodybuilding is combined with healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. Proper training, along with the correct regime of the day, helps to prevent the emergence of diseases of civilization, increase the quality of life and increase its duration.
  • Refusal of rigor in a mode and food. An amateur bodybuilder does not need hard limits. The athlete lives a full life, without giving up earthly joys for the sake of every gram of muscles.
  • Refusal of excessively large weights. A natural bodybuilder simply does not get to the weight of the projectile, which a chemist can lift or squeeze. This protects the athlete from injuries and joint problems.

Bodybuilding for health is amateur bodybuilding.

Decide on the goals. It is important to maintain health, to be energetic, muscular, “dry” and attractive always – do amateur bodybuilding.

If you want to earn money, participate in competitions, surpass other athletes – be prepared to sacrifice your health for a career in professional bodybuilding.

Professional bodybuilding is hard work that takes away your health, but can make you famous. Amateur bodybuilding is a way of life with which you can improve yourself in all directions.

Improving Health with Bodybuilding

Use the following guidelines to improve your health with bodybuilding:

  • Use the basics of bodybuilding. Learn the principle of progression of loads, the principles of supercompensation and gradualness. With their help, you can achieve no less results than with 110% calculation in the gym at each training session.
  • Reduce your workout to 45-60 minutes. 45 minutes after the start of training, the natural bodybuilder begins to sharply increase the level of cortirzole, a stress hormone that slows down recovery after a workout. Long workouts lead to physical and mental burnout 1-2 years after the first visit to the gym.
  • Do not work to failure. Maximum is the last approach of each exercise. Failures wear out the nervous system, and their effectiveness is zero for a natural athlete. Only a “chemist” can train to failure for a long time.
  • Add aerobic workouts to strength. Running, jumping rope, exercise on a stationary bike – aerobic exercises train the cardiovascular system, and also allow you to diversify the training regimen.

Use a healthy diet, adhere to the principles of healthy lifestyle to improve results in the gym, extend life, improve the quality of each day lived. By combining bodybuilding with the right lifestyle, your health goes to a different level, like your worldview. The work of the hormonal system improves, the bones strengthen, the state of the vessels improves. If a 20-year-old boy begins to engage in bodybuilding and adds healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition to iron sport, his life will last 20-30 years longer.

Do light workouts. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that will occasionally overload you. Amid stress, fatigue, and a poor psychological state, people tend to give up iron sports and regret it after a while. The best option is not to force yourself in such situations, but to do it at home. With the weight of your own body or with the help of home fitness equipment.

Refuse overloads. The human body is not adapted to squats with a weight that is twice or three times the body weight of the athlete. Joint problems develop that will make themselves felt after several years of training. Avoid low-rep, high-weight workouts. Gradually increase the weight of the shells, but do not forget that in bodybuilding you can increase the load by increasing the number of approaches and repetitions.

Think about recovery after training. A contrast shower (contrasting douche), massage, communication with loved ones are excellent options for relaxing after hard work in the gym.

Use vitamin and mineral complexes, supplements to strengthen the ligaments and joints, as well as other supplements that you consider necessary to strengthen your health.

Check out. Regular testing, ultrasound of the heart, kidneys and other internal organs will add 10-15 years of life on top of what you get from bodybuilding. Regular checks allow you to identify the disease in a timely manner and eliminate them not only with the help of medical treatment, but also thanks to the correction of training and nutrition.

Work on a worldview. Bodybuilding makes the athlete’s worldview more positive due to the release of anabolic hormones. But to improve health over its psychological component, you need to work separately. This applies to both the approach to training (you need to love this thing, learn how to get pleasure from training), and the approach to life in general.

The above methods are not the road to a boring, gray life. This is an opportunity not only to improve health and extend one’s existence, but also to receive more pleasure from life.

You have a choice: to take a step into a new, long, happy life, to overcome your fear and laziness at first, or to remain in a comfort zone, year after year, watching how the body slowly betrays you.

Hormone supplementation. Health secret

Everyone desires to receive maximum pleasure and minimum suffering. From the principle of enjoyment, we sometimes do things that contradict common sense and deceive the nature of man.

  • Our “biological firmware” works according to the same rules as millennia ago. When there were no narcotic substances (alcohol, tobacco) and there was a shortage of food.
  • Now the conditions are different – there is no hunger, and a person was able to deceive his own brain with substitutes for real pleasures.
  • The human hormonal system is designed so that we get maximum hormones of happiness when we do something useful for ourselves, and for the human species as a whole.
  • The so-called reward system is the hormones and neurotransmitters that make us happy.
  • Modern man does not know how his body works, as a result of which it replaces true pleasure with illusory.

The greatest pleasure brings us:

Realization of own talents. The physicist who revolutionized science is much happier than the addict who just took the dose. The physicist’s happiness will be long, he will bathe in the rays of fame and recognition for a long time, while the addict dies under the fence. The man who worked a productive day at his beloved job received money and the recognition of his colleagues, much happier than a fast food lover who just ate 20 thousand rubles at McDonald’s. The employee’s happiness is longer and longer than a fast food lover who is happy only during the period of intestinal whoredom and a few hours after it. The main reason for the wrong lifestyle, bad habits and craving for litigation is a feeling of unfulfilled talents. A person who is realized every day in his beloved business, receiving giant portions of pleasure hormones, is not interested in receiving meager pleasure from gluttony or bad habits.

Sex and sexual behavior. Sexual frustrations are also the cause of the wrong lifestyle. A person does not receive pleasure in the sexual sphere, and seeks to compensate for it with alcohol or delicious food.

The feeling of one’s own health, one’s own strength. The instinct of self-preservation is one of the main programs built into the human head. We like to feel healthy and strong. That is why people who switched to healthy lifestyle are so fanatical. They get great pleasure from their lifestyle, incomparable to the period when the main source of pleasure was delicious food and an idle lifestyle.

Self-development, self-realization. The pleasure of understanding that you have become stronger and better today is higher than the dosage of the hormones of happiness from delicious food.

Tasty food. The calorie the better. This is the structure of the human body, which for thousands of years has been forced to fight hunger. For our ancestors, high-calorie food was a salvation that allowed them not to die of starvation. More recently, during the Great Patriotic War, our grandparents were forced to cling to life, so as not to starve to death. For them, food was ten times more significant than for our generation. In less than 100 years, we cannot adapt to the era of food abundance. The result – a person is drawn to high-calorie, junk food, which is needed not for survival and life, but to compensate for the less received from the above items.

Bad habits. Drugs, alcohol, smoking. Lying on the couch around the clock with a beer, a fish and a TV screen in front of your face is a bad habit, which indicates that your natural potential is high enough, but you do not realize it. Consequence – a person gains pleasure through actions that temporarily deceive the brain. These actions do not bring you any benefit, and therefore after them there remains an unpleasant “aftertaste”. Nature pushes you to the realization of its properties, to the high tastes of self-realization, self-development, health, love and sex, which is expressed in a state of dissatisfaction incomprehensible to many, a sense of the emptiness of life. Most are not aware of this, and simply states “I am in a bad mood.”

Understanding the points listed above is much better than any motivation, any inspirational video. There is an awareness of the essence of the problem, and with this awareness you can make life healthier and much happier.

Bodybuilding for health. Lifestyle change

The human body strives for balance. It is difficult for a man who has been eating and drinking his life for 40 years to become a bodybuilder and a healthy man. The psyche will pull such a person back to equilibrium.

The most strong-willed men and women who are not complete adherents of fast food and alcohol, the process can go without failures. Most will have moments of weakness, which, after a jerk forward, pull your progress back a little. Do not be afraid of this. To change the worldview, to introduce all the information obtained in the section “Bodybuilding for Health”, it is necessary to shift the equilibrium point in the psyche. It takes months, years, but the result is worth it.

At the beginning of a new journey, you will come across the following sensations:

A feeling of happiness and lightness at the beginning of the journey. You have finally begun to realize higher living tastes. The body rewards these efforts with huge doses of hormones of happiness.

The feeling of euphoria passes, an elated mood appears, which sometimes goes to the peak of positive emotions.

“Breaking” begins – an attempt by the psyche to return to its former way of life. Here you can not give up, you need to go forward. If the “breaking” is intensified – you can treat yourself to relaxation or a lower, but not the most harmful “taste”. Example: From junk food in the form of fried potatoes and alcohol, choose fried potatoes.

You continue to work on yourself in a positive mood. So until the next “break”, which will be weaker than the previous one. Over time, you simply will not be attracted to weak “tastes”, which bring much less pleasure than a new lifestyle.

Bodybuilding for health. Training programs

The right training program is the key to your health. In these schemes, the most effective exercises in bodybuilding are collected, which not only increase muscle mass, but also improve the athlete’s health:

Girls progress in the same way as men. The difference is in the speed of progress. Women’s health, the female hormonal system does not allow progress as fast as a man.

Adjust the schemes to your individual characteristics. It is important to catch the principle of building programs that will bring you health and a classy figure.