How to learn how to make an exit by force on two arms on the horizontal bar?

Many newcomers believe that in order to learn how to do two-handed

Many beginners believe that in order to learn how to make a two-handed effort on the horizontal bar, some special long-term training program is needed. No, this is not at all! You just need to know the necessary technique to strengthen the muscles and gradually prepare them for exit on the horizontal bar.

I will start this article for those who are generally weak, but also those who already have some training and at least make one-handed access to the horizontal bar, can learn a lot of useful information for themselves a little later in this article.

First of all, if you have weak muscles and do not know how to pull yourself on the horizontal bar, you should start with Steroids from the, as this is much easier. Do at least 3 sets a day, pushing up to the maximum in each of them. Between the approaches do not rest much, somewhere around 2 minutes – and rushed on. But, of course, watch your breathing, if it has not yet recovered, rest a little more.

In addition, strengthen your brushes with an expander; muscles of the shoulders and back with the help of various exercises with dumbbells – at first, any exercises will be useful to you.

After it has become much easier for you to do push-ups, it is time to go back to the horizontal bar, raise your hands to it, hold onto it and, this time, you will not have the right not to pull yourself towards it. But this should not happen, because you trained hard to prepare for this moment, right?

Pull yourself on the horizontal bar every 2 days on the approaches and in each of them you should squeeze yourself out of yourself until you almost have to cry out the cry of the soul: “I can’t! Enough! ” For particularly stubborn people, this should not be the limit. Personally, I pulled myself up until my fingers moved off the horizontal bar from a complete lack of strength.

Do not forget to relax! Training is good, but if you do it every day (although it is unlikely that you will succeed in the beginning because of strong strength), then you simply exhaust your body and it will not lead to anything good. The body must rest! Eat well so that your muscles recover faster (I don’t mean chemistry), and I also recommend running a little on the day of rest in order to drive lactic acid – the next day the muscles will not hurt so much.

Now you can pull yourself up 10 times in one approach – it’s time to look at your training ground from a height “above the horizontal bar”, making your first exit on the horizontal bar, only for one while.

How to do. Stretch to the horizontal bar to the chin, then throw one hand (which is more convenient) on the horizontal bar at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the ground, and try to straighten it at all costs. First, you can slightly “lie down” on the horizontal bar when throwing your hand in order to reduce the load on it, although, I think, this is understandable. When you learn to do one-handed play, it is naturally necessary to train this element in turn on the left and right hands. You will strengthen the muscles and will have some preparation for the exit with the power of two hands. It is also necessary to pull up on the horizontal bar to the chest and do push-ups on top of the horizontal bar from the chest – in the second exercise it is very important to lower as low as possible, and also try not to lie down on the horizontal bar.

So, you are already close to realizing your goal, which requires a two-handed power exit on the horizontal bar. If you pull up on the horizontal bar 15 times, and even 20, without problems, besides, you easily exit both the right and left hands, push yourself well from the chest on the horizontal bar, and you can’t get out – don’t despair, ( I had the same problem), because there is another very valuable piece of advice from me for you, an effective way that will help for sure, especially since your body is ready for it.

An additional load will help you in the form of a vest, pancake, suspended from the belt, or (as I did, since I had no other devices) a backpack filled with dumbbells, which naturally needs to be put on the back (who didn’t guess). Pull yourself with a load of 3-5 approaches per day 3-5 times – it all depends on you how much strength is enough.

This method will help you in that you will train the maximum strength of your body when lifting the body, since the endurance of the body does not affect the two-arm output on the horizontal bar – you pull yourself at least 100 times. That is why it is called a power outlet.

You can even feel the effectiveness of such a method! Pull yourself several times with the load, then remove it and pull yourself on the horizontal bar without it – you will feel lightness in pull-ups, as if you are thrown up, as the weight is less, and the muscles are involved in the “more weight” mode, so to speak, this is there is the development of maximum strength when pulling up. In addition, thanks to this method, you can increase the number of your pull-ups.

So you have prepared your body for two hands, and then everything depends on you. First, you can try to make an exit on the horizontal bar with an easy roll.

After you learn to do two-handedness, you can try its varieties, which will develop your body – a narrow grip, wide, reverse.

You don’t want to choose the wrong training method and spend a lot of time and energy for nothing? I think no! So if you want to make a two-handed power exit as quickly as possible on the horizontal bar, follow all that has been written here, do not fly off and the result will certainly come. I myself was engaged in this technique and I assure you that this is really the fastest way!