Treatment Options for Low Back Pain

Low back pain may begin mildly and can usually go away with rest and pain relievers. However, the pain may persist and cause disturbing symptoms that interfere with daily living. You can get your low back pain Glen Rock treatment today, which involves several options like physical therapy and medications. All treatments aim to reduce inflammation and pain, thus restoring function to your lower back. You do not need to live in pain when you can get treatment and continue living a normal and pain-free life.

Physical Therapy

In your initial stages of low back pain, your doctor may refer you for physical therapy to relieve you. Your therapy will involve exercises that help strengthen your muscles so your pain symptoms can reduce while improving your back function. Additionally, your physical therapy will increase flexibility in the painful joint so you can move again with minor discomfort. Your therapist may recommend core strengthening, lumbar stabilizing, and aerobic exercises to restore functionality and reduce lower back pains.


Your doctor may recommend non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve back pains. The medications work by blocking body chemicals that may result in inflammation, thus relieving your pain. However, your doctor may recommend NSAIDs for short-term use only, as continuous use over long periods may cause harmful side effects. Your doctor will prescribe NSAIDs depending on the severity of your lower back pain, but you may need time to notice recovery.

Steroid Injections

You may need this injection because they contain a chemical that works like the hormone your adrenal glands produce. Therefore, you will receive the pain relief and reduced inflammation while lowering your immune system’s response. Your doctor may recommend an injection if you are already on medications and physical therapy. During treatment, your doctor will administer the injection directly to the pain area after giving you local anesthesia. Injection of steroids directly will give your doctor a chance to give the correct high dose rather than oral. However, steroid injections may not cure lower back pain. Instead, they reduce pain and improve functionality in the joints.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

You may be a candidate for this surgery if your doctor wants to treat the conditions causing your lower back pain. Your doctor will only need a small incision site and then pass an endoscope to reduce tissue damage and promote quicker recovery. However, there are risks to this surgery. You may react badly to anesthesia, blood clotting, infection, pneumonia, and blood loss. After surgery, you may need to undergo physical therapy to increase strength in your muscles and joints, speed up your recovery and improve functionality. Your doctor may recommend that you resume regular activities after a few days.

Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine has various treatment options to address the cause of your lower back pain. The team will evaluate you before deciding the treatment option that suits your pain level. Before going for one, you will learn about the benefits and risks of every procedure. Therefore, visit the website today to make your online appointment.