Steps To Creating An Ideal Exercise Routine: Dr Lauren Papa

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be hard to find the motivation to start or stick with a routine. Often times, even when people do have the motivation to exercise they don’t know how much is enough or what kind of exercise routine will be best for them. In this article we will cover some steps you can take to create an ideal exercise routine that fits your needs!

Create An Exercise Routine That Works For You

The first step to creating a healthy exercise routine is knowing what kind of exercise you like. Do you enjoy running outside or would rather be indoors on a treadmill? Do you prefer yoga, weight lifting or aerobics classes? Your answer will help determine how often and when to exercise.

If this is the first time that you are creating an exercise plan, it’s best to start small by finding ways to get active throughout your day–walking instead of driving whenever possible; taking the stairs instead of riding in an elevator; parking further away from stores so that walking becomes part of every errand (the more steps taken each day counts!). Once these daily activities become habituated into our lives, we can begin adding more intense workouts into our schedules.

Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

When creating your exercise routine, it is important to set realistic goals for yourself, says Dr Lauren Papa. This means that you should not set goals that are too high or too low for where you currently are in terms of fitness level and health. If your goal is to run a marathon in under two hours but this is something that has never been done before by anyone else with similar physical characteristics as yours, then this may be considered unrealistic. 

However if it was possible for someone with similar characteristics as yours (height, weight etc.), then it might be considered achievable depending on how much training they did beforehand or if they had any other advantages over others such as genetics or dieting habits etc.

Make Sure The Exercises Are Safe And Effective

It’s important to make sure the exercises you choose are safe for your body. You should also make sure that they are effective, meaning that they have benefits for your health and wellbeing. If an exercise causes pain or discomfort, then it’s probably not a good choice for you.

If an exercise makes you feel bad about yourself (e.g., if you think about how fat or out of shape you look), then this could be another reason why it isn’t ideal for your routine.

Design A Recovery Plan

Recovery is just as important as the workout itself, according to Dr Lauren Papa. When you’re working out, your muscles are being put through stress, which means they need time to repair themselves in order to grow stronger. If you don’t allow enough recovery time between workouts and/or don’t eat the right foods (for example: protein), then you’ll never see any gains from exercise!

In addition to rest days, there are other ways that you can help your body recover from exercise:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits–they contain antioxidants that will help reduce inflammation after a strenuous workout session.
  • Drink plenty of water before going into an intense workout; this will keep dehydration at bay so that your body doesn’t overheat during physical activity.