Now factories are available for rent

Chodthanawat Company Limited is giving warehouse for rent  .There are numerous projects like the Bangna warehouse, and the office size is roughly 165-300 square meters, the area is 500- 1100 square meters, the roof is made up of Steel trusses Aluzinc shingles with clear tiles and ventilation system and the ceiling is 12m high

Why choose us?

We provide a number of different facilities like:

Management Systems for insects, rodents and vectors, cleaning System, Security System, CCTV Camera Security system, Water Supply System, Roads within the system, Landscape System, electrical system, fire protection system, drainage System, building maintenance Service Network, telecom network

A warehouse for rent (โกดังให้เช่า. which is the term in Thai) will fit all your business needs starting from storage to price stabilization. It will help you produce your goods on a large scale without spending a lot on the initial investment that is required for a warehouse. A warehouse for rent can be used for multiple purposes as well.

Warehouse for rent is an affordable as well a flexible way of taking your company to the next level.

Why choose a warehouse for rent?

A warehouse for rent is an inexpensive option for startups as well as for high end companies as it can drastically reduce production time. Warehousing will help you to store your goods until you need them. Packing and Processing can be conducted in the warehouse as well. Suppose you’re not limited by the need to stock all raw materials, parts and final products at your manufacturing or production space. In that case, you’re able to indulge in your core business: producing your final products. By subcontracting storage and distribution to a warehouse or distribution centre, your business is better able to use existing space for product development and process improvement.