Properties Of A Good Yoga Mat

You need to equip yourself for yoga every day. The mat is a very important item on which you will be lying. The properties of a good yoga mat are important in two ways: how it performs and how it feels. One needs to take into account the person’s practice and the material used.

There are many kinds of materials. Some are very cheap, but expensive ones are also available with better quality plasticizers and other properties that make them popular in the market.


Durability is one of the most important characteristics of any yoga mat and it is something that should be taken into consideration when choosing a new one. Durability refers to how long your yoga mat will last.

The better manufactured or higher quality yoga mats are made, the longer they will last. Some people choose Eco-Friendly Yoga mats over other types of yoga mats because they are built to last for a long time.


Firmness is the main element of a good yoga mat’s quality, and this isn’t as simple as it might sound. A best yoga mat is strong enough to support your body weight during every pose, without feeling too firm and hard.

A good firm balance can be found by letting yourself fall onto the floor and seeing how long it takes for you to feel pain or discomfort if the pain doesn’t come fast, it means that either the mat is too soft or too old (degrade over time).


The texture of your yoga mat is the most important performance factor. The right amount of stiffness will help you keep steady poses and increase your balance, while still being flexible enough that you don’t feel like you’re kneeling on an ice rink.

You want to find a mat that’s soft enough that it doesn’t cause pain but also has enough texture to provide traction it should not feel slippery or too rigid, especially if you are doing floor exercises like poses or postures.


The grip is important for the different yoga positions you will be doing. A good grip means that your mat will stay in place during certain poses and won’t slip out from underneath you, ensuring your safety while exercising. Non-slip surfaces are especially useful on wood or laminate floors and are a great addition to any home or gym setting.


Cushioning is very important for preventing injury, especially for those with joint pain. The best yoga mats provide sufficient cushioning to eliminate stress on your body and prevent tendonitis or carpal tunnel damage. However, if you have sensitive joints that need extra support, it is worth looking for a thicker mat with more padding.


A good yoga mat is a must-have for any yogi (or anyone who does similar training). Although the experience will certainly differ from person to person, we hope that this list gives you a better idea of what you can look for in such a product.