JD Mattera: Choosing The Right Managing Director For Your Firm

The managing director is one of the key people who will influence the success of your fund. They’ll have a big role in selecting investments, managing the business side of things, and growing the firm over time.

Finding someone that you have good chemistry with and who shares your investment philosophy is critical to creating a strong team dynamic.

This article will explore some ways to find the right MD for your fund while avoiding common mistakes made by other firms along the way.

What Is A Managing Director?

A managing director is the person who runs the firm. The MD is responsible for fundraising, hiring, and managing employees, as well as other tasks like marketing and PR. The MD can also be referred to as president or CEO if they have not yet founded the company (if they are a founder).

The managing director is one of the key people who will influence the success of your fund

The managing director (MD) is one of the key people who will influence the success of your fund. The MD is responsible for setting the strategy and hiring investment teams, communicating with investors, and reporting results to them.

The MD also needs to be able to communicate effectively with other employees within your firm; this includes being able to explain complex ideas in a way that everyone understands, as well as being open-minded enough to accept different viewpoints from others.

Can Be A Good Leader In Addition To Being A Top-Performing Investor

Choosing the right managing director like JD Mattera for your firm is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. This person will be responsible for leading and building out your investment team, overseeing day-to-day operations, establishing processes and procedures that support strong investor alignment and performance, and serving as an ambassador to investors.

In addition to being a top performer in their own right (which should be a given), they must have experience working with other portfolio managers on teams as well as running their funds or businesses to understand what makes them tick–and how best to motivate them.

They Can Have A Positive Impact On Performance


A good fit between the strategy and background of your MD and fund can have a positive impact on performance. For example, if you’re launching a new fund focused on emerging markets and your managing director has worked extensively in those markets, he or she will likely be able to connect with investors who share his or her experience.

Similarly, if you’re looking to invest in specific types of businesses (such as technology companies), having someone with relevant knowledge and experience could help ensure that investments are made wisely.


The Managing Director like JD Mattera is one of the most important roles in an investment firm. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of a fund, this position must also be able to look ahead at future opportunities and risks while keeping an eye on returns over time.

The right Managing Director can help your firm grow into something bigger than it ever imagined while building strong relationships with clients along the way!