Ways To Score Extra Scholarship Money By Mark Mariani Armonk

First Horizon Foundation establishes scholarship for first generation  students. | FIU BusinessThe cost of a college degree can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, there are several things you may do to alleviate the stress. Scholarships are one of the finest ways to reduce your tuition and ensure that you receive a high-quality education at a reasonable cost. The good news is that there are numerous sorts of scholarships available—you simply need to know where to seek them.


Seek Out New Scholarships


Applying for scholarships that are not frequently promoted is one of the finest methods to get your scholarship application recognized. This can range from a local or regional scholarship to something provided by an industry association.


According to Mark Mariani Armonk, numerous smaller organizations grant scholarships, but their applications aren’t as well-known as those from more renowned institutions. The key here is to do some research to see which organizations could be interested in supporting your education, and then apply.


Look For Local Scholarships


Local scholarships are an excellent source of funding. They can be easier and faster to apply for than national scholarships, and they are frequently more likely to be available if you reside in a region with a large number of individuals who share your interests.


Check out your school’s alumni association or student union’s website for information on local scholarships. If there isn’t one, check out your high school or college’s website to see if they have any scholarships available to students from that institution, advises Mark Mariani Armonk. You should also contact organizations linked to your major; they may offer scholarships that require applicants to be from specific schools or parts of the country.


Consider Unusual Scholarships


Take into account unusual scholarships. Many scholarships are not generally publicized, and they may be tailored to your specific interests or demographic. Check out the animal welfare scholarship program, for example, if you love animals and want to be a veterinarian. There are also numerous scholarships available for women studying STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math.


Examine local groups that provide grants or rewards instead of loans. These groups can assist you in covering some of your college expenditures without requiring you to repay any money after graduation–and even better, you may be rewarded for doing something interesting.


Consider Military And ROTC Programs


If you’re a current or former member of the military, you may be eligible for one of several different scholarships. These awards are not just for veterans; they’re also available to high school students who plan on joining the military after college.


These programs might seem like they only benefit those who plan on becoming officers, but many offer money even if your goal is simply to serve as an enlisted soldier or sailor. If you aren’t interested in becoming an officer but still want to help fund your education with extra money, consider applying for ROTC scholarships at colleges near where you live–or even apply online.




There are several methods to acquire extra college money without being a genius or a good athlete. Start by applying for scholarships and grants from local or interest-based groups. Local programs like ROTC or military academies give scholarships to kids interested in these disciplines without requiring them to join the military. Finally, if none of those possibilities sound acceptable but you want an edge over other applicants, try odd scholarships like ones based on unusual abilities or skills like juggling.