Importance of a Clear Airport Tarmac

Maintaining a clear airport tarmac is essential for the employees, passengers, and property in and around the area. These tarmacs are often home to Foreign Object Debris (FOD). Some debris found around an airport tarmac include nails, stones, and mechanical parts found in machines. There is larger debris that can be found that include loose pallets and colored plastic, for example, that can also be found along the tarmac. Attempting to clear this loose debris from the tarmac prior to an airplane landing or taking off is something that must be done quickly and efficiently. Below are some dangers that exist when an airport tarmac has not been properly maintained.

Visual Obstruction

For those planes incoming, they expect to have a clear airport tarmac when landing. Having foreign objects on the tarmac can cause a visual obstruction for in-coming landings. Pilots may not be able to see the symbols and arrows properly. Because they are approaching from quite a distance, it is essential that these signs be thoroughly available to be seen from that distance without obstruction. The pilot may not find the landing safe and turn back to the air, burning additional fuel and delaying customers on the flight.

Some of the obstruction may not be clear to the pilot, and they believe that the landing is safe. If the pilot attempts to fly over the obstruction unknowingly, it could be damaging to the plane and those flying inside. Even the employees in the nearby area are in danger.

Flying Objects

Loose debris along the airport tarmac can be very dangerous as a plane takes off or comes in for a landing. At the speed that the airplane is traveling for either operation, an unclean airport tarmac with loose debris will begin flying around the atmosphere. It could fly into the building or damage property nearby. This debris could also hit someone at the right velocity, causing significant damage to them or even being a fatal hit. The smaller debris, such as rocks, and screws can be just as fatal as leaving a large pallet on the tarmac.

FOD*BOSS Leads In The Industry

Attempting to gather all the loose debris is essential, and the sweeper used must designed to capture and maintain this debris. Many sweepers often do not have enough time to make multiple rounds, so the efficiency of the sweeper is essential. The FOD*BOSS designed by Aerosweep is designed to capture the debris and maintain a clear airport tarmac, and protect the property, employees, and passengers that are in or around the area. When seeking out a new sweeper, consider the FOD*BOSS and its performance ability.