The composition of antique dolls

The old dolls are always composed of noble materials such as wood for the older ones or in porcelain and rags. On the other hand, plastic dolls must be eliminated when it comes to giving them a certain value in order to be able to sell them to collectors (apart from Barbie dolls from the 60s in very good condition and in their original box or models of Barbie dolls produced in a limited number of copies).

The oldest dolls made of wood, leather custom bobble heads  , wax, cardboard, porcelain, are not toys, but indeed collectibles for adults, because they are too fragile and old to let them be handled by children’s hands. These dolls generally find their place in a shop window within a collection.

The personal estimate of his antique doll

Once a person in possession of an old collectible doll has carefully examined the object in question, he can already have an idea of ​​its price. The latter can be refined by certain elements such as:

Hair quality.




The brand.

Serial number if there is or mold number

If the doll is very old, it will not be possible to date it precisely, but by documenting it is possible to find the decade in which it was made. The doll with a pretty mouth finely carved in a bisque head is very sought after. In general, this type of doll is made in Germany and France between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 20th century.

Depending on the condition, the model and the brand, one of these dolls can be negotiated at a price of up to 800 euros. If it is a baby from the same period and in perfect condition, it is possible to sell it even more expensive around 1,000 euros. Note that at the Musée de la Poupée in Paris, very rare specimens have been negotiated several at prices of several thousand euros, but these objects are very rare, even almost impossible to find.

Finally, antique bobbleheads dolls with porcelain heads are sold more expensive if their mouths are closed rather than open depending on their time. The eyes are also important. If they close and open, they give extra value to the doll.

Call in an expert

Once a person has gone around the old doll in his possession, if he wants to sell it at the best price, he can call on an expert to obtain a more precise estimate of its value.