Flaunt your brand on social media with your own cool merchandise

Top 10 spirits brands on social media

Are you a rising star on social media? People start to recognize you now. You are gaining more and more new followers every day. However, you still do not know what to do with this large number of followers.

People like you and your style. Some even try to mimic your style. In that case, you can start promoting products on your profile. People will definitely try the things that you will suggest as they look up to you.

The need for your own products

In the beginning, you should do some paid promotion for other brands. It will help you understand what your audience likes and what they do not like. It will give you a rough idea of what type of product you should create.

However, you are only paid once for the promotion and the brand will keep making money because of your promotion. If you promote your own brand, you will have the same results and the entire money will come to your bank account.

Why merchandise is a great choice

When people watch you wearing those stylish clothes they definitely are curious where you get them from. In that case, you should start promoting your own merchandise.

First, they will flaunt cool fashion design [desain busana, which is the term in Thai] that will mesmerize everyone. Second, you will have exclusive designs for your merchandise with your brand logo on it.

Whenever anyone wears even a cap that they ordered from you, people in their vicinity will be introduced to your brand. They will watch your logo and the design. They will inquire about your brand from your customer. This way, you will get free advertising.

Other accessories that you should consider

You can start with cheaper products like mugs. Once you start getting results, you can include other products as well, like a watch.