Dropshipping: Is it worth it?

Starting a business of any kind is always challenging, from gathering capital to obtaining consumers, there’s a lot of work that goes into it. If you want to try building something a little less complicated, becoming a drop shipper can help narrow the scope of your business.

Dropshipping is the act of selling another party’s product to a customer without having to buy the product first. So for example you find a vendor and promote their product to a customer at a higher price. If the customer is interested, you order the product and the vendor will deliver it straight to the customer. There are many advantages of dropshipping.

  • No capital

The biggest reason people start a dropshipping business is that it requires little to no capital. Dropshippers only order the product after the customer pays for it, so no capital is needed. It’s great for those who want to start small in building their online business.

  • No physical inventory

Not only do you not have to provide money upfront, but you also don’t have to provide space. Because drop shippers don’t keep products in stock, they don’t need to rent warehouses to keep their products.

  • Dropshipping is easier with an ecommerce platform

These days, dropshipping is made easy with the use of ecommerce platforms. Dropshippers don’t have to promote the products in the “door-to-door” way, they have the option to just post their listings online. After setting up an e-commerce business, all you need to do is find an ecommerce supplier.


Why you need a niche dropshipping platform

There are of course many big dropshipping platforms such as Alibaba, but looking forward, a dropshipping platform with a specific niche is more sustainable. A niche-specific drop shipping supplier ensures the products have high quality, unlike big platforms that are just a jungle for all kinds of stuff with no apparent quality control.

A niche dropship platform also directly shows what kinds of products they are selling. They will get people who are really into the niche to the platform, increasing the chance of making a sale.

What is a good niche to dropship?

Upon hearing the term “dropship”, a lot of people will think of small items such as merch or baby products. With this mindset, you’re missing out on the big guns, such as furniture dropshipping.

The furniture industry is a giant industry that is always in demand because everybody needs it. Regardless of the season, people will buy furniture so it’s an evergreen industry. Furniture also covers a wide range of items.

For many people, furniture can be intimidating to dropship because the items being sold are big both in size and price. But instead of being frightened of the scale, you can look at it this way: dropshipping furniture is a good way to get into the furniture industry in a smaller scale.

On top of that, furniture dropshipping has a bright future ahead. Purchasing furniture is a complex thing that everybody will want to get just right, meaning the right color, texture, shape, size, and everything.

With dropshipping, instead of going to a showroom that can only show a limited amount of products, customers can simply look at a complete catalog from the comfort of their homes. The product will get delivered to their house and if they don’t like it they can return it.

This steady growth is proven by the fact that the furniture sector has been booming since the rise of e-commerce. With the convenience trend steadily rising, furniture drop shipping will be in demand.


Start your furniture dropshipping business at MyDepot

After figuring out the appeal of furniture dropshipping, now it’s time to start your dropshipping business with MyDepot.

  • Niche dropshipping

MyDepot is an e-commerce dropshipping platform specializing in the home and furniture niche. As stated before, this ensures quality control and

  • Collaboration with high-quality manufacturers

At MyDepot, we offer a curated selection of furniture. We represent highly respected manufacturers and suppliers, therefore the products on our platform are all of high quality.

MyDepot also works directly with the manufacturers, therefore, we can offer a stronger service at a better price. This is different from other dropshipping platforms that only act as an intermediary without actively collaborating with suppliers.

  • Integrated with Shopify, Amazon, and Wayfair

Another strong point of MyDepot is that our platform has ecommerce integration, meaning you can connect your e-commerce business to MyDepot. With MyDepot, you can do Shopify drop shipping, Amazon drop shipping, and Wayfair drop shipping.

If you’re already in the dropshipping business, and you need another dropship supplier, MyDepot is perfect for you. You can check page online https://www.mydepot.com/#/marketplace


How to use MyDepot

  1. Register and sign in on MyDepot.com
  2. Link a payment method – the first 30 days are a free trial.
  3. Link your e-commerce store (Amazon, Wayfair, and Shopify)
  4. Create a product Wishlist on the MyDepot product marketplace
  5. Import the best products from the MyDepot marketplace into your e-commerce store.
  6. When the e-commerce store has a customer order MyDepot ships directly from our USA fulfillment centers to their customers.
  7. Businesses receive up-to-date inventory, competitive prices, and exceptional customer support from MyDepot