5 Ways Memorial Ornaments Can Help Kids Honor Their Deceased Parents

The holidays are always going to be tough when mommy and daddy are not around. Holidays often remind us of our families, and children who have lost their parents may find this season particularly tough. Whether they remember their parents or not, the holidays are also a great time for them to honor their parents after they have passed. Here are some ideas to help them do just that:

1. Let the children choose their own ornaments to honor them

Christmas is not complete without any decorations around the house. This is a great way for children to honor their deceased parents. Let them pick out customized memorial ornaments for the departed. With them choosing the overall design and theme of the ornaments, they can honor their parents in a creative yet sentimental way.

2. Hang remembrance ornaments in their honor

This ties into the first point very well. When decorating the family Christmas tree, the kids often want to help you out. They can be the ones to hang up the ornament while saying a little message or a short prayer for their parents, so they can feel more at peace with their passing.

3. Remember them as you decorate

For the kids with parents who loved to decorate over the holidays, you can use this family activity as a way for them to honor those who have departed. Take the time to tell stories about their deceased parents as you do this holiday activity together. Kids are more clever than people give them credit for, they will be able to come up with ways to honor their parents during the holidays.

4. Hold a mini holiday memorial service

Sometimes all it takes is a little memorial service to share stories about the person who passed, to honor the departed. Part of a small service like this includes decorating and setting up the event, and the kids can play a big part in this. Let them decorate the small remembrance altar with cards and artworks, and you can give them each memorial ornaments as a keepsake to remember the departed.

5. Start a new Christmas tradition with them in mind

Even when their parents have departed, children need to grow up with family principles. To do that, you can create new holiday traditions that you can do as a family, like baking Christmas cookies or sitting around together in the family living space to tell stories about your family. This way, everyone can get together and reminisce on all the good times and happy memories shared with everyone in the family, even with those who have passed.

Family will always stay together, even when they pass to the other side. Children often struggle with understanding this, and may feel abandoned over the holidays. Make sure that they continue to honor their deceased parents with simple and small holiday traditions. That way, they won’t feel alone or abandoned over the Christmas season.

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