When Do I Need A Workers Comp Lawyer MA?

workers comp lawyer MA is not necessary for every injured employee. After all, the workers’ compensation system is supposed to be a simple administrative process for employees to traverse. You can probably manage your claim if it is a simple one that is not being contested by your employer or its insurance provider. Unfortunately, the procedure is not always so straightforward. Many workers will need to hire a workers comp lawyer MA, or will substantially benefit from doing so. 

A worker who is injured at work may have a claim that is not covered by workers’ compensation, in which case a personal injury lawyer would be necessary. You can normally sue your employer in court for a workplace injury if you were harmed as a result of your employer’s willful act, or if you’re a crew member on a ship.

When Hiring an Attorney Isn’t Necessary?

You generally won’t need to engage a lawyer if you have a small work injury that cures fully with therapy. Insurance companies are less likely to challenge claims that: 

– include work-related injuries 

– do not necessitate significant medical care 

– do not necessitate long amounts of time off work 

– do not lead to serious injuries.

Let’s say you hurt your ankle in the break room after slipping on some water. You were told to ice your ankle, take pain medicines, and stay in bed for a few days by your doctor. Because you work at a desk, you were able to return to work quickly, and your ankle healed in a matter of weeks. Your doctor’s visit would be covered in this scenario. However, because you were only out of work for a few days, you are unlikely to get pay loss compensation in most states.

When a Workers Comp Lawyer MA Is Usually Required?

If you’re having a problem with your insurance provider, you should hire a lawyer to represent you. To oppose the insurance company’s viewpoint, you’ll need to gather information, which could entail taking affidavits, getting an impartial checkup, and employing expert witnesses—all of which involve legal experience and knowledge.

Is it Worth It to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer MA?

Workers’ compensation attorneys do not bill on an hourly basis. Instead, they charge a contingency fee, which is a portion of any workers’ compensation payments you receive with their services. In addition, many states limit contingency fees in workers’ compensation disputes. The proportion varies from state to state, although it is often between 15% and 25%. In some areas, however, the cost might range from ten percent to thirty-three percent.

Final Thoughts

When you hire a lawyer, you’re more likely to get a significantly better settlement offer. Lawyers are knowledgeable about the law, are skilled negotiators, and have access to a variety of resources to help you develop your case. As a result, even after the lawyer’s cost, you will almost certainly gain more benefits if you hire a lawyer.