What Skin Issues Does Microneedling Treat?

Microneedling: Benefits, Side Effects, Costs, Results, DIY Info, and More
The world has become a visually-obsessed society, with people spending hours on social media posting and scrolling images. It is no surprise that you want to look your best. If you have stretch marks, facial scars, acne, sun damage, or dark spots, you are most likely looking for a way to minimize and eradicate them.

Fortunately, microneedling Forest Hills offers an innovative new treatment option available to help restore firmer, smoother, and youthful skin. This minimally invasive procedure involves using tiny needles to create microscopic wounds in your skin. This promotes quicker healing and increased collagen production. Here is a look at skin problems that microneedling can treat.

Large Pores

If your face looks like it has many black holes, those are large poles. There are various reasons why you have large pores. If you have acne, the sebaceous gland that produces excess oil increases in size, making your pores enlarge. Other factors that facilitate large pores include aging, genetics, and sun damage.

The good news is that microneedling can help smoothen your skin texture so your pores are significantly reduced. The treatment can be combined with chemical peels for better results.  

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

No one wants to look older than they are. To counter your early signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance, microneedling might be the perfect procedure. The treatment promotes new collagen growth increasing skin firmness and decreasing the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines. 

Microneedling can effectively decrease the appearance of light frown lines, crow’s feet, laugh lines, and forehead lines. However, the deeper wrinkles and lines might be better decreased by another procedure or a combination of procedures.

Acne Scars

Microneedling is an effective treatment if you are looking to heal and decrease the appearance of acne scars. The procedure promotes faster skin healing and turns over new skin cells and collagen. The appearance of these scars will be significantly reduced in a few microneedling treatments.

However, the procedure is not just limited to the scars resulting from acne. If you have any facial scarring, microneedling can be used to decrease the appearance of these scars.

Stretch Marks

You may have significant stretch marks, surgery scars, or burn scars and are looking for a way to decrease the appearance of these skin marks. Makeup will go just as far as covering the marks temporarily.

Microneedling procedure has successfully eliminated the visibility of these skin flaws. It triggers the production of new elastin and collagen in the new skin cells. Important to note is that the procedure works best on depression scars rather than raised scars. 

Uneven Skin and Sun Damage

Individuals with sensitive skin are likely to suffer from sun damage. Sunspots or sunspots are signs of aging. They might develop because of too much sun exposure. You might not have worn more sunscreen or hut to cover your delicate skin.

Microneedling is an effective treatment for eliminating skin problems caused by sun damage. While it might not eliminate all the hyperpigmentation, it can help to restore an even skin tone, particularly in mild discoloration.

Ultimately, microneedling can help enhance the appearance of your skin through the power of regenerative healing. It can decrease wrinkles and minimize scars, stretch marks, and other skin concerns. It is a safe outpatient treatment, and most individuals require multiple treatments over some months to achieve the desired results. 

That said, microneedling is a medical procedure like all other cosmetic treatments. To protect your health and safety, you should visit a board-certified dermatologist for consultation on whether or not you are the right candidate for microneedling.