What is meant by metered connection on a Windows laptop?

Our Windows laptops have been designed while keeping utility and function in mind. Furthermore, they also use up your internet quite liberally. This ensures that your device is operating at its very best level. However, if you do not have a broadband connection, then you might have a problem on your hands. Using your phone’s hotspot or tethering to access the web on your PC is fine, but you might end up exhausting your data allowance if you’re not too careful.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way around it. The metered connection feature is a big help for people who wish to save their data. Want to know how it exactly works? Let’s dive deeper!

What does the metered connection do to my Windows laptop?

Disables automatic software and app updates

Software updates for Windows PCs can be quite heavy and may need large chunks of data. However, with metered connection turned on, the software updates won’t be downloaded on your computer automatically. Only when you go to the software updates page and approve of the update will you be able to get it. It does the same with the apps on your computer too. As a result, you save up data.

Live Tiles stop updating

Live Tiles is one of the features in the latest Windows versions. Here, you get tiles that provide live information when connected to the internet. With metered connection on, these won’t update automatically. However, you can still click on the update button on these live tiles, and they’ll do so.

Apps could also be affected

Other apps can also be quite different to experience when the metered connection is turned on in your device. This happens because the metered connection feature affects all the apps in your computer.

When should I activate metered connection on my PC?

Here are some instances when you should activate this feature:

Mobile data hotspots

Windows devices cannot automatically realise if you’re connected to the internet via mobile hotspot. Hence, in order to save up on your data plan, you should activate it manually.

Broadband limitations

If you have a broadband connection that has limited internet bandwidth, then using it as a metered connection will help you a lot.

Slow internet

If you have a slow internet at home, then once again, the metered connection will come to your rescue. By stopping other apps from using your data in the background, you can focus more on what is right in front of you. In addition, you should also get a wifi speed test done to see if you are actually getting the internet speed that was promised to you by your internet service provider.

Now, we think that you should upgrade to a better broadband service if you are forced to turn on metered connection at every step. After all, there are many benefits to having the help of unlimited internet by your side. We suggest that instead of looking for quick gateways, such as Googling how to increase wifi range or wifi speed, you should go for a broadband connection from a well-established telecom service provider. You could certainly look at the Airtel Xstream wifi plans.