What is Gigabit Ethernet? Is There Any Similarity In Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet?

Gigabit Ethernet is from the family of ethernet technology that can transmit data 1 gigabit per second. It is the latest version of ethernet. It provides 1000 Mbps or 1Gbps per second data transmission speed. That’s mean it is 100 times faster than Ethernet. It came into being in 1999 and, after that, gigabit ethernet becomes the backbone of many industries and department networks,

Is Gigabit Ethernet Similar To Ethernet?

Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet both have the same sort of cables and same kinds of devices they can share and, gigabit is the part of the ethernet family but, there is a slight difference in both of them is their speed,

The Fastest Ethernet has 100 Mbps speed and, gigabit ethernet has 1000 Mbps( 1Gbps) speed. which is 10 times faster than the fastest ethernet.

It was ethernet that later improved its speed till 1Gbps, quality of services and improvement in cabling technology, Gigabit Ethernet can, cover up to 70 km distance. Almost everyone wants to use the same speed of connection in their homes, offices, and industries.

Which Type of Cabel pairing is suitable for Gigabit Ethernet and how It works?

In Gigabit Ethernet category 5 cable is used to transmit data. This cable has 8 wires, which make the pair of four. In which one pair use to receive data and one use to send data. There is a small list that shows which pair use to data transmission.

  1. White with green and white with orange are for receiving data.
  2. Green and orange are for sending data.
  3. White with blue, white with brown, blue, and brown are not in use.

Above are the wire pairing in Category 5 cable which used in Gigabit ethernet for data transmission, Category 5 cables are certified to use in data transmitting in gigabit ethernet.