In the process of wearing, stains appear on the shoes. If you can wash the textile, and even throw away the leatherette, then you can’t do this with expensive shoes, made of genuine leather and suede. Briefly consider the main types of spots and recommendations for their removal at home.

If the shoes are very dirty, cleaning will help. Leather shoes are thoroughly cleaned with a damp cloth, rinsed with soap and water. For suede – brush or special sponge. If there are scuffs, sprays by type and tone of shoes will help restore color. If there are no sprays, it is recommended to rub dark suede with a black or brown carbon paper, leather shoes – to clean and rub to a shine. Light-colored shoes are best taken to the workshop.

Let’s consider the question of what to do with suede shoes in Manhattan if there are oily spots on them. A great way to solve the problem is to blot the place several times with a cloth, soaked in gasoline or a soap solution in half with liquid ammonia. It is important to be careful not to over-moisten the surface so that no new spots appear. After processing it is necessary to dry thoroughly at room temperature.

A more gentle way to remove stains from suede shoes is to dry clean. If the stain is small, sprinkle it with starch and leave for a while. Then thoroughly clean the area with a brush. A combination of wet and dry cleaning also helps – treatment with a solution of soap with ammonia and subsequent sprinkling with starch. The procedure must be repeated until the desired result is obtained.

Do not try to remove greasy stains from shoes very fast – then you will have to throw out a pair.

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