Signs Your Kids Might Need a Root Canal

Tooth extraction seems like the only option when a kid has a decayed or infected tooth. But while tooth removal might be recommended in particular instances, saving a kid’s decayed tooth through root canal treatment is the best option over extracting it prematurely. When searching for the best pediatric root canal New York services, ensure you go to an experienced dentist for a successful and painless procedure. Your dentist will help you decide if the baby’s tooth should be extracted or preserved via a root canal. Here is a look at signs that your kids might require a root canal procedure.

What Is a Pediatric Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental treatment to preserve a dead tooth instead of losing it. Like adults, a root canal for a kid eliminates the infection from the pulp tissue and saves the tooth. This allows the kids to retain the full function of their jaws, teeth, and tongue while preventing eating and speech problems caused by premature tooth loss. The procedure also prevents abnormal eruption of permanent teeth. Baby teeth need to remain in place for as long as possible to enable proper alignment and eruption of permanent teeth.

Signs Your Kid Requires a Root Canal

Several symptoms might necessitate root canal treatment in children. These include;

1. Chronic And Severe Pain

The first sign that your kid’s teeth have a problem is pain that ranges from dull to intense aches.

The swelling and pain are often caused by an abscessed tooth which can result in severe infection even to the surrounding jawbone. A tooth infection can also cause a sinus infection resulting in a dull ache in your kid’s forehead, jaw, nose, or between the eyes. Although child-approved pain relievers might help temporarily relieve the pain, root canal treatment is the best way to resolve the pain and protect your kid from further infection.

2. Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity to cold or hot food is another sign of infection that might necessitate a root canal. If your kid regularly complains that cold or hot beverages and foods make their teeth sensitive or hurt, there is an issue. While it may not be an infection, you should take your child to the dentist for an examination.

3. Swollen & Tender Gums

Tooth infections can cause gum tenderness or swelling. This can be either a little and subtle swelling or an obvious swelling. The swelling can even affect your child’s cheeks.

4. Bad Taste in The Kid’s Mouth

A small sac of pus might form around the tooth area when a tooth gets infected. When the pus starts to drain, your kid might start complaining of a bad mouth taste. 

5. Swollen Lymph Nodes

Other signs that your kid needs a root canal include tender lymph nodes, general malaise, and fever. as the body fights tooth infection, the lymph nodes might swell. Swollen lymph nodes are tender and painful. The child might also experience fever.

No parent would wish their kids to undertake root canal treatment, but it’s best for their dental health. If you notice such symptoms in your child, consider having them undertake a root canal procedure. Also, if your kid’s root canal is due to an untreated cavity, you should fine-tune their dental hygiene to prevent future problems. Your kids might not experience all the symptoms of tooth infection, which is why regular dental checkups are recommended.