Score 100 % Marks in Class 1 Maths with these Tips

CBSE Class 1 Maths is a nightmare for many toddlers. It is rightly said that the Maths exam is either the game-breaker or the game maker! In reality, just like other subjects, Maths too can be successfully cracked. All it takes to ace the Maths exam is a well-planned strategy and a willingness to stay consistent throughout the year. Don’t forget to make Class 1 Maths students practice the CBSE Class 1 Mathematics Sample Paper. Follow the tips given below to help your kids get the highest marks in the Maths exam. 

  1. Make Maths a Fun Subject! 

To help your kids develop an interest in Class 1 Maths, try to teach them in a fun and playful manner to help them develop strong Mathematics basics. Make extensive use of practical and engaging examples and fun activities to help them understand the Maths concepts covered in the syllabus. Make extensive use of colors, visuals etc. to instill a love for learning Maths in them. 

  • Solve all Questions from Standard Mathematics Textbook

Even in the first standard, NCERT Books are as important as in higher grades. Do not leave any questions or exercises for the last moment. Your goal should be to help your child cover the syllabus as soon as possible to get sufficient time for revisions and more practice. Several questions in the Maths exam directly come from the NCERT. Therefore, never ignore any NCERT question. 

  • Solved Examples are equally Important

Generally, students directly jump to exercises without practicing the solved examples. Solved examples help you to understand the way of solving a particular type of question. It helps you in getting familiar with the different types of questions that can be asked from the same topic in the Maths exam. 

  • Clear all Doubts 

Maths is a subject where students are bound to get stuck while solving a problem. Ensure that your child’s doubts are cleared by clearing his/her doubts yourself or by finding a teacher or a mentor who can clear your child’s doubts from time to time to ensure smooth Mathematics learning. You can also refer to online solutions for NCERT or make Class 1 Maths students watch video lessons to help them gain conceptual clarity.

  • Solve Previous Year and Sample Questions

The more your child practices Maths, the better he/she will perform in the Maths exam. Previous year questions are extremely important from an examination point of view. Solving them will help children gain better clarity about the type of questions and topics that are more important than the rest. Solving timed mock tests will help them manage time on the day of the exam. 

  • Aim for Conceptual Clarity 

Rote learning solutions can guarantee failure in the Maths exam. If you want your kid to ace the Maths exam, focus on strengthening his/her basic concepts. Try to make kids understand the reason behind every concept. Encourage them to never hesitate to ask questions from their teachers at school. If their foundation is laid strong, the rest of the preparation will become easier and simpler. 

  • Take advantage of Productive Group Study Sessions

When you make your child study in a group of serious Maths students, you will see quick growth in his/her preparation journey. Children mutually learn a lot from each other and will be able to get familiar with more questions by solving each other’s doubts. Associating with Maths toppers and learning from them will surely help them to score better. 

  • Encourage your Child to Give Regular Tests 

Until and unless you encourage children to test their knowledge, they will never know what mistakes they are committing. Giving regular Maths tests will help them to progress quickly by helping them identify their areas of weakness. It will also help them gain confidence while solving questions on the day of the exam. 

  • Improve on Answer Presentation

Several chapters in Class 1 Maths require the use of diagrams. Help your kid develop a habit of drawing these diagrams neatly with a pencil. On the right-hand side of their answer sheet, make a column for doing rough work. Teach them to avoid unnecessary cuttings and overwriting and help them develop the habit of writing in legible handwriting. 

  1. Adequate Rest before the Exam Day 

No matter how well students are prepared for the Maths exam, if they are sleep-deprived, there are higher chances of them making silly mistakes. A well-rested and calm mind during the exam is very important to enable them to solve the questions without any errors. 

  1. Take care of Your Child’s Health

Throughout the year, take care of your child’s health by encouraging them to exercise regularly. Give them a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Keep their body well-hydrated. Help them eliminate boredom, stress and anxiety while preparing for the Maths exam. 

  1. Practice is the ultimate secret

Practice, practice and practice some more! First standard Maths students must develop a habit of practicing Maths questions regularly. The more they apply the concepts learned through practice, the better they understand and master Maths. 

  1. Planned and Simplified Preparation 

 If you teach 1st standard Maths students difficult problems first, they will be deeply demotivated. Begin with the easiest questions first. Then, progress slowly towards the tougher questions. Don’t underestimate the basics at any phase of Class 1 Maths preparation. Make them revisit the basic concepts multiple times. Lastly, don’t let them become complacent and over-confident during the last days before the exam. 

  1. Help them Practice Time Management 

There are several Class 1 Maths students who are unable to complete the Maths exam on time due to poor time management. During the exam, first, they should solve those questions that they know really well and then they should move on to the difficult questions. If they get stuck while solving a particular question, they must skip it for the time being and focus on completing the other known questions. They should leave sufficient time for revision to cross-check the answers. Lastly, always encourage them to attempt all the questions and never leave any question unattempted because marks are given for each step of the answer. 

By following the above-mentioned tips diligently, your toddlers will fall in love with the preparation process for the Maths examination. Anything that begins well is considered to be half done, similarly, practicing Maths can be tough at the beginning of the 1st standard but soon your kids will form a habit of enjoying and practicing Maths questions daily. Once this habit is formed, the rest of their preparation journey will become easier.