Road Bumps And Speed Bumps: What You Should Know

In ramps shop, you will also find speed bumps, traffic calming on private land and roads that offer you ready-made sets, including free assembly material, which can be expanded or exchanged as required using additional central elements.

Before buying the speed bumps, however, there are a few things to consider:

Our speed bumps are not suitable for traffic on public roads and are usually not permitted there.

It is recommended in any case to discuss with the responsible authority beforehand whether these speed bumps may be installed.

Our products can also be installed on private property and private roads without an official permit, but here we recommend that you put up signs for safety and warn road users of the speed bumps.

Our speed bumps mustn’t be driven over faster than stated in the product information. This prevents damage to vehicles and also to speed bumps. Care should also ensure that the road bumps are not too high for vehicles with low ground clearance. The ramp shop has three heights and two-speed bumps: 50mm and 75mm high, made from recycled material.

These speed humps and bumps are suitable for light use and have a capacity of up to 20,000kg. For use in areas with a high volume of traffic or where there are also heavy vehicles and trucks, we recommend our 60mm high thresholds, made of recycled material, which is reinforced with a steel beam. The capacity here is up to 60,000kg. You can also read the blog specifically for these speed bumps. We have also provided detailed instructions and other useful tips for installing the speed bumps.

Fixing Of Road Sleepers

Carriageway sleepers are dowelled directly onto the carriageway and are already equipped with fastening holes for this purpose. Additional gluing is recommended for frequent heavy goods traffic. Please consult a specialist during installation to avoid damage to vehicles and to the speed threshold itself.

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