Proven Strategies by the Best Democratic Strategists By Jared Kamrass

The Democrats face an uphill battle in their quest to retake control of Congress, but there are tactics they may use that have shown success in the past. The greatest democratic strategists agree that these methods increase the likelihood of victory and provide the groundwork for future electoral success.

Support Candidates With Broad Appeal


Expert democratic strategists tend to support candidates who can win over a wide range of people. Polls and the results of past elections can show how appealing a candidate is, and a leader can connect with people on important issues. Jared Kamrass says that candidates with broad popularity are more likely to win in swing and red states and in tough districts. This makes them a key part of the Democratic Party’s plan to retake the House of Representatives.

Make Sure Your Candidate Is The Right Choice For Your District


The first and most important thing to do when looking for a candidate is to make sure that they are the right choice for your district. This means looking at all of these factors:

  • Demographics: More elders or millennials? And minorities? What percentage have college degrees? What occupations are over- or under-represented in your district, and how does it affect who can win?
  • Incumbent’s record: Has this politician represented citizens well? Do they vote party-line or break party lines when necessary? How often do they hold town halls where voters can discuss community issues with them, and how long does it take to schedule one after a phone or email request?
  • Candidate’s record: Has this person participated in local living-improvement projects? Can you find testimonials from voters who say he/she helped them personally by attending town hall meetings where people could voice concerns directly without worrying about being recorded by cameras; and opposing voter suppression measures that affect impoverished women voters and benefit wealthy white men?

Rely On Data And Analytics


The most successful democratic strategists use data and analytics to make decisions, analyze voters, determine the appropriate message, research opponents, and target voters and volunteers. According to Jared Kamass, data facilitates the evaluation of development.

Understanding local issues is crucial to any campaign. That’s why we start by polling on specific policy areas like healthcare reform or climate change policy, and then we conduct focus groups with voters who are interested in those topics but haven’t decided how they feel about them. We utilize this information to find potential supporters and undecided who may be swayed by a certain argument or communication approach—or even just hearing from someone like them who supports your cause.


Find the Right Campaign Consultant and Customize Their Strategy


The adage you get what you pay for may occasionally be accurate, but it’s not always the case. It’s crucial to select a consultant who has expertise dealing with campaigns like yours if you’re considering hiring one on your own or through your campaign.

A strategist who has experience working on campaigns like yours will be able to adjust their approach based on their understanding of the political climate in your state and district as well as what strategies have previously been successful in other places.

Build A Strong Fundraising Foundation Early On In The Race


It should come as no surprise that candidates who are not very well known have a greater need for financial support from donors than those who are challenging incumbents in an election. However, it is essential to keep in mind that even these candidates require a solid financial base.