Myths About Solar Energy

Solar energy and solar panels have built up a bit of a reputation in today’s green world, along with a few myths that could keep people from tapping into the renewable resource. Some of the myths are based in fact while others are a complete fabrication, but all shall be debunked to get you seeking out solar panel installation Chicago services. Then you can install the panels on your roof and start reaping the solar benefits without any delay.

How they work

A lot of people are confused about how solar power works and what it can do and not do. First, the panels do not require direct sunlight to absorb energy, and the light comes in regardless of rain, snow, or shine. Some panels even work better in cloudy weather, and they still produce electricity. The only time they stop working is at night, because of no sun. They also won’t work during a power outage because the grid is shut down. Even though solar panels are still gaining energy from the sun, they have to be connected to the power grid to convert it into electricity. When the grid goes down that process stops.

Getting the panels installed

Installing solar panels is actually easier than most people might think, and as long as the panels were built correctly, they are very easy to put together. If they are connected to your home’s already existing electrical grid, then the panels become even easier. They are extremely durable and their frames are able to take quite a lot of punishment from bad weather. As long as you go up every month to wash them with water and get rid of any dirt or snow that could reduce their effectiveness, you don’t really have to do much to maintain them.

Solar batteries

Finally, you can connect your solar panels to batteries in order to store any excess electrical power, but keeping them connected to the grid can benefit you. If you produce more electricity than you use, all that is still credited to you and not billed. So, you can use all the extra power at night and it won’t impact your electric bill.

The panels also last for 25 years, and once they are no longer useful they can be recycled and used to make new ones. Now that all those myths are cleared up, you can go make that purchase without any trouble!