Luxury hotel subscriptions and benefits

If you are a movie freak, the word subscription will sound very familiar to you. Many popular brands offer subscription for video streaming but what if you can get a hotel subscription, sounds great isn’t it. This is a new service offered by many hotels in order to attract more and more guests. They offer hotel loyalty programs and added benefits for the guests. Subscriptions meet consumer needs in a better way than traditional business.

Features and benefits

Instead of one time transactions, subscriptions for hotels are way easier since they offer special care and service for the guests who are subscribed. Subscribers will get benefits like discounts, coupons, cashback on bookings and membership validity programs. Some of them even offer unlimited usage access to amenities in the hotel during stay. Some hotels even offer car services with reduced costs and discounts. When the hotel rooms are all sold, they may even give you a chance to get in with priority waiting list.

Hotel Loyalty Programs

These programs emphasize more on ongoing relationships than single transactions. They value the customer experience in this way. These loyalty programs are usually availed by frequent travellers. It’s obvious that the frequent flyers obtain subscription from multiple hotels which gives them easy access to internet, food and other amenities during their travel. There are some free based subscriptions offered by hotels which stop subscribers from switching to other brands.

Gift opportunities

Gift coupons are often given to subscribers which they can use at some supermarket or a restaurant. Since these coupons are not redeemed usually, giving subscriptions as gifts seem to be the best option. Some offer as rewards in loyalty programs. Some may even offer complimentary stays for one or two days. For subscription of one year, some hotels provide one month free stay offer also they can offer a free trial if you are sure about joining the subscription.