Khao san a place in Bangkok that never sleeps:

Khao san the backpacking district of travelers of all around the world. This place never sleeps people can always be found on the street of Khao san market. This place is jam-packed with bars, restaurants, and budget-friendly hotels. A food lover will always find this place amazing for its street food. There are variety of street foods that one can try and most of them follow the Micheline guide. So, that makes them try them at least once.

But not only food this place also has many other things. People can try the bars of Khao san and many other things. But one thing that requires this place from every tourist is that they shouldn’t sleep. If they sleep, they will miss something. Because this place actually came alive after 10 pm. So, it’s better to stay awake in the night and enjoy the things of thanon khao san market.

Things to do at Khao san market

Make a list that someone wants to buy from Khao san and then go there. Start shopping the list and always do bargaining. Enjoy the party life of Khao san and drink beers in a pub. Another thing that one can do here is to get a tattoo. But in all these things don’t forget to enjoy the street food of Khao san. Because food is one of the best things about Khao san. So, always try to eat the food there.

The best time to go to Khao san

Although at anytime, one can go to this place. But actually, this place comes alive at 10 pm. So, try to reach there at 9 pm or something like that. Only then one can see the true beauty of Khao san. Just enjoy the chaos of Khao san.