Irish gift ideas for your husband this Christmas

Christmas is such an exciting time of year, especially when it comes to presents! This can be a bit stressful sometimes though, especially when it comes to buying a present for your husband.

If you’ve been met with an “I don’t want anything” when you asked what he wanted, don’t worry we’re here to help!

There are a number of amazing Irish gifts which you can get your husband that he’s sure to love. To help you narrow down your search and get a truly special gift for your husband this Christmas, we’ve put together this list for you!

Here are our favorite Irish gift ideas for your husband this Christmas:

Traditional Aran Sweater

In days gone by, these sweaters were once knitted by women living on the three Aran islands for their husbands. A proper Aran sweater can absorb up to 30% of its weight before you begin to feel wet, making it ideal for a rainy day too!

These sweaters are as practical as they are stylish – Chris Evans brought back into the spotlight in Knives Out. Plus, they’re a great way for your husband to celebrate his Irish heritage in an understated fashion.

Flat Cap

A handmade Irish flat cap is an excellent gift. Made popular by the tv show Peaky Blinders,these caps have long been a staple of stylish men. Celebrities like David Beckham, Sylvester Stalone and Tom Hardy(to name a few) have worn a version of this stylish hat frequently.

Not only do they come in a range of colours and designs, but they are also pieces that are as timeless as they are practical. They will shield your husband’s eyes in the warmer months and keep out the cold in winter. Plus, they can be worn on many occasions thanks to their versatile design.

Irish Whiskey

When looking for a gift for your husband, you can’t go wrong with a good whiskey. There are plenty of great brands to choose from, including iconic brands like Jamieson and Bushmills. If you’re not sure he likes whiskey on its own, you can make plenty of great festive drinks with just a few simple ingredients too!

Celtic Jewellery

Before you panic, we aren’t talking about anything flashy here. There are plenty of handcrafted, Celtic pieces that are stylish and will help your husband express his heritage. If he does wear rings, a Celtic ring is always a winner – plus, there are so many to choose from.

For the man adverse to rings, why not get him a nice pair of Celtic cuff links or a specially designed pocket watch? These timeless (pun intended) items will help your husband add a personal touch to his outfit the next time he has to dress up for a special occasion.