How to pack cookies of different shapes and sizes?

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes. There are customized designs for children where cookies resemble the shapes of different cartoons like ducks, bears, and other such animals, letters, and designs. Cookies can be customized to make any occasion sweeter and more special. One can gift cookies or have them as part of the menu on any occasion like birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, and much more.

They can also be designed and sized as per personal or customer requirements. Many people prefer to have big and colorful cookies for their parties whereas many prefer to have standard-shaped cookies which look classy and chic but are also delicious when eaten.  

What are the different textures of cookies one can buy for special occasions?

There are many different types and textures of cookies like:

– Chewy cookies

– Thin and crisp cookies

– Cakey cookies

– Cookies that crumble easy 

Each of these must be packed in its way to avoid spoiling or getting damaged. 

For example:

– Chewey cookies can be packed by layering them on top of each other but with parchment paper below each one to avoid them from sticking together. 

– Think and crisp cookies should not be packed together with soft cookies as this would make the crisp cookies become a little soft.

So how would you pack cookies which come in different shapes or sizes?

There are many ways in which people pack cookies Some of the ways they can be packed are:

– Big cookies or different shaped cookies can be packed in a cake box that could fit a variety of different shapes and sizes of cookies. One can easily add different types by separating them using a cupcake holder or little cardboard bowls. 

– Cookie tins or cookie containers are another great way to pack the cookies because they have compartments from before which one can dedicate to separate cookies. 

– There are so many different shapes and sizes of cookies jar that one can use to pack the cookies. 


The packing can be done in different packaging however the main motive is to keep them safe from damage and as fresh as ever.