How To Drive On Ice Without Losing Control Of The Vehicle

Traffic accidents increase in winter. It is no coincidence: weather conditions affect the state of the roads and, therefore, our driving habits must change to deal with unforeseen situations.

One of the most common events in winter is to find ice sheets that, sometimes, we will be forced to circulate. The worst thing about going through these points is that we can easily lose control of the vehicle and that they are very difficult to see.

To avoid surprises, it is best to keep in mind that ice sheets are usually found in very specific places. To ensure that you can get over the ice sheets with maximum guarantees, it is best to follow the following tips:

  • First, we must try to drive smoothly. To do this, we must lower the speed of our vehicle, and avoid using the brakes and the steering wheel, as it will alter the movement of the vehicle in unpredictable ways
  • If you notice that the slide-on car (รถสไลด์ออน which is the term in Thai) is too much, the worst thing we can do is to apply the brakes with force. If you see that the situation is out of control, press the brake with the utmost smoothness to maintain control of the vehicle
  • Also, think that when you ride on ice and snow, it is harder to stick to the ground. You can accelerate very slowly so that the tires have good traction. If you do it too fast, you will only get the tires to spin quickly without having any control of the car
  • Do not abuse the movements on the steering wheel. If the vehicle slips, do not turn it sharply. Take your foot off the accelerator so that the tires have an optimal grip again