Here Are Some Exklusiv Gin For You

If you are a gin person, you must try these gins. They are straight from Spain. You can purchase them from the Sangria systembolaget.All of these are Exklusiv Gin. The company Mallorca Distillery had produced these premium quality gins. These gins will give you the real taste of Spanish gins. They have been made with the utmost care. Have a look at those gins below.

  • Palma Gin
  1. The quantity of alcohol in this gin is 46.6%.
  2. Its volume is 70 cl.
  3. Local wildflowers and fresh citrus fruits are used for the distillation process.
  4. Mallorca junipers are also there in the gin. It brings exclusive taste.
  5. It has a sweet and delicate floral aroma.

The production details

The Palma Gin is made with almond flowers. These flowers go through harvesting once a year. This process takes place right before the spring season.Orange leaves and lavender leaves are also added to this gin. All of them together enhance the intensity of the natural ingredients that have been used.

  • Palma Oak Spiced Gin
  1. The alcohol content of this gin is 40.4%.
  2. Its volume is 70 cl.
  3. This gin gets stored in the Mallorcan oak barrels that have been used before to store Manto Negro grape wine.
  4. Cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves are used in the production of this gin.

The production details

The Palma Oak Spiced Gin is only another twist in the recipe of the Palma Gin. After the distillation process, this gin is stored in Mallorcan oak barrels.

The ingredients used in this gin add a complex sweetness as well as spice to it. The gin will leave you with an advanced and exclusive flavor. 

You can give a try to this vodka too

Apart from those Exklusiv Gin, the Mallorca Distillery also produces vodka of some premium quality. If you like vodka more than gin, you should give this a try.

  • Palma Vodka Sea Salt
  1. This is organic vodka.
  2. The amount of alcohol in this vodka is 40%.
  3. Its volume is 70 cl.
  4. This vodka gives a taste of slight sweetness.

The production details

The Palma Vodka Sea Salt is produced with wheat spirit, Mallorcan water, and sea salt. This sea salt is handpicked from the salt pans on the island. 

The salt then gets dried gradually in the heat of the Mallorca sun. This salt consists of the Mediterranean essence in each of its crystals. This vodka will give you a rich and premium taste.

Buy this premium vodka or the Exklusiv Gin mentioned above from the Sangria systembolaget. You will receive a decent discount on each of them. 

All of them will provide you with the taste of the real delicacy of Spanish gin and vodka.  They are prepared with pure natural ingredients. Those ingredients get picked by hand too. 

The Mallorca Distillery is an old company. They have been producing gin and vodka for over a hundred years now. Taste their authenticity today.