Five Lifestyle Habits That Trigger Varicose Veins

Having discolored, large, and twisted veins is an indication you may have varicose veins. Left untreated, this venous disease can affect your entire vascular system. Nonetheless, you can safely overcome your condition with personalized varicose veins Bakersfield treatments.

Regardless of the severe consequences that accompany them, varicose veins aren’t inevitable. While they are preventable and treatable, certain factors risk you suffering severe varicose veins. Keep reading to comprehend the five lifestyle habits that trigger varicose veins.

1.     Living a sedentary lifestyle

Lack of exercise causes multiple problems that raise your risk for varicose veins. With a sedentary lifestyle, it’s easier to gain weight which causes havoc to your veins. Besides weight gain, a sedentary lifestyle makes your veins susceptible to several venous issues.

Therefore, it’s critical to keep moving for your vascular health. Exercising will improve your leg muscles and strengthen your veins against diseases. It also provides long-term benefits of stronger muscles and veins.

2.     Wearing high-heel shoes

High heels change your body mechanics and thus affect blood flow to your legs. They change your natural movement and shift significant weight to your feet and toes. This keeps the leg muscles contracted, and limits ease in blood flow.

Unfortunately, wearing high heels risks you with varicose veins and other debilitating leg issues. Also, wearing high heels can aggravate your varicose veins appearance and symptoms. However, you can prevent varicose veins by wearing shoes with low heels.

3.     Excessive smoking or using tobacco products

Tobacco products affect not only your respiratory health but also your vascular health. Smoking has a devastating effect on your blood vessels. Besides causing varicose veins, tobacco products can worsen the already existing veins.

Smoking damages vein walls reduces vein elasticity, and thickens your blood. Even if you consume secondhand smoke, you are at risk of impaired venous circulation and varicose veins. Limit or avoid tobacco products to boost your health and stay safe from varicose veins.

4.     Wearing tight clothing

Not all clothes are instrumental for your vein health. Wearing tight clothes around your waist or upper legs can restrict blood flow. Also, tight clothing adds venous pressure to your legs, which can result in varicose veins.

Although tight clothing may not cause varicose veins, they increase your chances, especially if you have other risk factors. Furthermore, wearing tight clothes can worsen already existing varicose veins. Unless instructed otherwise by your doctor, constantly wear clothing that doesn’t pressure your leg veins.

5.     Standing or sitting for longer hours

Prolonged sitting or standing puts significant pressure on your leg veins. Lack of muscle movement limits blood circulation in your legs. This results in blood pooling in the veins.

If your everyday job demands standing or sitting for long hours, you should take frequent, short breaks and walk around. Also, you can wear compression stockings to help promote circulation. Doing these will relieve venous pressure and prevent severe varicose veins.

During the initial stages, varicose veins may seem harmless and painless. However, if ignored, they are uncomfortable and risk you against blood clotting, which is life-threatening. If detected early, varicose veins are manageable and treatable.

Are you struggling with unsightly and uncomfortable varicose veins? Worry no further, as advanced and customized treatments are available for you. Schedule your treatment sessions and enjoy long-term relief.