This is because just like the penis in males, the clitoris consists of the erectile tissue. There are commonly two ways to achieve this increased circulation. These include cardio exercise and clitoris pumps use.

Clit pumps, therefore, are used to improve flow to your vagina circulation, allowing you to enjoy more sensitivity in your clitoris. These pumps create suction and increase the pleasure you can derive from your clit. Such directed blood flow to your clitoris improves your libido, heightening your sex drive and aiding you to enjoy more engrossing clit orgasms.

In most cases, after using the clitoris pump, your vagina becomes swollen with amplified sensitivity. Even in the medical circles, clitoris pumps are helping in providing solutions to female sexual dysfunctions like anorgasmia. The latter refers to an inability to have orgasms in females.

How to use clitoris pumps

Using a clitoris pump is easy. Typically, the clitoris pump is made of the pump itself and the suction cup. It should be pleasurable.  Hence, once you start to feel pain using the clitoris pump, it is advisable you slow it or entirely terminate the exercise.

To use the clitoris pump, start with the lubrication of your vagina.  A water-based lubricant often works best in this scenario. This enables the suction cup to be more tightly sealed, thereby intensifying the pleasure sensation to be derived.

Now ensuring that the suction is placed correctly against your vagina, start to pump as you feel the suction. To start on the safer side and gradually build up the tempo, you can begin with about three squeezes.

Take off your hand when you notice the cup now sticks to your vagina. Thus, you can continue pumping as the pleasure escalates. Generally, most women tend to be satisfied after a minute of continuous pumping or even 30 seconds. Don’t overdo it.

Upon satisfaction, you can take the cup off, allowing for the entry of air. This is by unlocking the quick release switch.

When you remove the cup, you can see the vagina is swollen; making it far more sensitive. Often the swelling returns to normal after 24-48 hours.

In other cases, you can find clitoris pumps that you readily place on your clit until you feel orgasm. Just in the same vibe, these clitoris suckers essentially increase how sensitive your clitoris gets.

How safe are they?

When done correctly, there is nothing to fear about clitoris pumps as to the side effects. A study carried on 14 women using clitoris pumps revealed the effectiveness of clit pump in enhancing vaginal lubrication, increasing genital sensation, and overall surging sexual satisfaction for the women. These women didn’t show any symptoms of irritation, clitoral trauma, or even bruises.

This study gives the green light for the use of clitoris pumps for enhancing sexual wellness so long it is done appropriately.

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