Arranging a Milestone Birthday Party for an Elderly Relative

Birthday parties are good fun at any age, but whether you are 70, 80, 90 or 100 the occasion should be marked by a memorable party. These occasions are often a great way for families and friends to get together who perhaps may not see each other as often as they should. 

The choice of venue is key to a great birthday party. Many choose a formal arrangement at a hotel, pub or community centre but quite often the very best parties are held at home. A recent No Place like Home report says it all, as home is where many elderly people love to be, surrounded by family, friends and familiar things.

Here are a few tips for how you can arrange a successful birthday party for your elderly loved one that covers all the bases, from venues to music and who to invite!

Surprise, Surprise!

Who doesn’t love a surprise party but problems can arise if too many people are in on it. Keep the number of those in the know to a minimum to avoid the elderly person accidentally finding out. If the person has home carers these people will need to be aware of the impending celebrations. Research by the Live-in Care Hub ( shows that there are huge benefits for elderly people who stay at home including the opportunity to have visits from family and friends whenever they want.

Give Careful Thought to Who You Invite

Draw up the guest list carefully. Invite close family and friends along with any carers who may be close to your elderly relative but try not to invite too many. Older people love the opportunity to meet and talk with people especially those they may not have seen for a while and if there are too many people this could overwhelm them.

Capture the Memories

Most people nowadays tend to take photos or videos on their smartphones, but older people still prefer to look at actual, physical photos, ones that they can look at again and again. Think about using disposable cameras which issue instant pictures or hire a professional photographer to capture the special moments. Afterwards you could pick out the best photos and mount them in a frame for your elderly relative to keep.

Music and Venue

These are the most important bits to get right. If your relative is able to get out and about it can be a special treat to arrange for the party to be held at a place which is special to them. This also gives them an opportunity to leave the party when they are tired and go home. If the party is to be at home, set strict limits on how long it is to carry on to avoid tiring out your relative. As for music, look through their collection to see what they prefer and arrange for this to be played. After all, it is their party!