ADU Furniture Guide

Shopping for ADU furniture can feel quite difficult if you are not sure what you are looking for. Especially since there are practically no ADU furniture stores since ADUs are still an up-and-coming thing. That is why we put together a quick ADU furniture guide to help you complete your ADU development in style.

Living Room ADU Furniture

There is a mess load of options when it comes to furnishing your living room in an ADU. You are not limited to simply one couch or a couple of bean bag chairs you can fit in there. In fact, you can fit a lot of multi-functional furniture within the space and still have it look nice.

ADU Sofas

Everyone has a sofa or a couch. The cool thing about ADU sofas is they are never just a place to sit. You can get a sofa bed that, you guessed it, folds out into a bed so you can host guests overnight. You can also get a sectional sleeper sofa that features storage under one section but also folds out into a bed when you need it to.


Every room needs storage when you live in an ADU. Storage is key. That is why they make storage ottomans that function as both a seating area and a place to put things away. You can also get tv cabinets that feature adjustable shelving and sliding barn doors to add style to your room with the added storage space.

Bedroom ADU Furniture

Everyone thinks of murphy beds as low quality and for the poor. However, they make a lot of high-quality murphy beds that look amazing and save you space in your bedroom.

You can even get ones that fold up into a couch when you are not using them. You can also get murphy beds that have shelving on either side of the bed or just one side. The great thing about these beds is that even if your bedroom is tiny, you will have space to move around during the day without having to cram yourself into a tiny bed at night.