A brief guide to sell your products online

The world as it is changing constantly, has created numerous channels for business owners to start a business without the traditional hassles.

A simple google search on How to sell online [ขายของออนไลน์ยังไงให้มีคนซื้อ, which is the term in Thai] can give you all the answers you need. Such is the power of the internet.

So why not make the most of it?

If you are staunch on starting a business, then the internet is your holy grail.

Of course, much like any other endeavour an online business has a begging, the intermediates, and an end.

Here are the most important steps to help you start an online business.

  1. Choose your product or services

Ecommerce is an ocean of opportunities but deciding on a product or service that you wish to sell streamlines and eliminates any unnecessary distractions.

The best way to settle on one thing is to start with a longer list and they narrow it down to the niche you are most comfortable with.

  1. Choose the right domain

A domain is equivalent to an address that any physical company has. Your website’s URL is the destination that your customer can visit to purchase your product and services.

A domain tells the customer what your website and business Is about. This makes it important to choose a simple and relevant domain name that encompasses the message that your brand is about.

  1. Build an online store

Technology and automation have made it incredibly easy to start an online store. You can create an interactive and appealing platform with the help of hosting site such as Bluehost, WordPress and even WIX.

  1. Create a transaction channel

Once your online store or ecommerce website is up and running your project remains incomplete without a secure payment gateway.

You can choose the traditional method of using a merchant account or choose more robust and quick platforms such as PayPal, Skrill or stripe.

Your partner in running a successful online business

Planning to run an ecommerce business and running it are two quite different responsibilities.

When you are starting from scratch you need a partner that is experienced enough to guide you.

Page365 brings to you an all-In-one ecommerce solution including a package tracker, receipt printer and a customised Product inventory system [ระบบสต๊อกสินค้า, which is the term in Thai]. For more information make sure to check out the page365 website.