7 Tips On How To Keep Your Patio Cool This Summer

You don’t have to keep your patio idle during the dog days of summer. With cooling and shading solutions like awnings maryland, you can maximize your outdoor living space even during this season.

In this article, we’re giving you seven tips on how to keep your patio cool this summer.

Get an awning. Awnings and other external shading solutions are said to reduce heat gain by up to 65%. Apart from protecting high-temperature levels, these devices also aid in blocking harmful UV rays. They aren’t only economical, they are also easy to install and maintain and are available in different styles and materials. If you want more flexibility, you can buy retractable awnings so you can disassemble and store them once the summer is over.

Revamp your furniture. While awnings Maryland protect you from the sun’s heat, outdoor rugs are meant to keep your feet protected against hot patio pavers. By simply adding durable, specially designed rugs, you can keep your patio cool significantly while adding character to your outdoor space. You can make your patio more summer-friendly by choosing furniture with light colors to help reflect the sun’s heat.

Equip your patio with fans. Another way to transform your patio into a heat-proof living space is to install ceiling fans. These machines can improve air circulation; they also offer the much-needed cool breeze amidst the season’s scorching heat. Apart from enhanced airflow, fans also help keep pests away from your patio.

Invest in patio misting systems. If fans won’t be enough to beat the summer heat, you should consider investing in a quality patio misting system. This is considered a great investment if you’re living in an area where the heat index can be incredibly high — and if you’re fond of hosting summer barbeque and cocktail parties. According to experts, misters can bring down your immediate outdoor temperature by 20 degrees. Evaporative coolers are also an alternative.

Add greenery. Plants don’t just add aesthetic value to patios, they also make these heat-prone areas cooler. Elementary science states that plants can cool their surrounding environment by releasing excess water into the air through their leaves. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, maintaining a lush patio is doable. Easy-to-maintain plants like lady ferns and caladiums are available to make this task more realistic for you.

Install a pool. If you have extra space and budget, you shouldn’t just invest in awnings Maryland. Why not add an outdoor pool near your patio to complete the ultimate summer experience? Swimming won’t only keep you cool during summer, it’s also found to be effective in reducing back pain, relieving stress, and building muscle.

Build a patio bar. If your family is the kind of family who loves to spend summer outdoors, having a patio bar makes sense. You can outfit your bar with a grilling station and a refrigerator to store your refreshments. It’s also perfect if you love to entertain other people: Outdoor bars are a great way to accommodate your friends and neighbors without having to worry about the summer heat.

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