6 Strategies to Lose Weight

Looking for new ways to lose weight? Whether you want to head into the new year with a head start on a diet or you’re looking for ways to lose those last five pounds, there are things you can do starting now to see a real difference. Losing weight is hard, especially for people who struggle with their weight. It takes a massive shift in how we treat, prepare, and consume food.

So many diets fail because they’re no fun. People want to look better and feel good about their bodies, they just hate feeling like they’re going through torture. If you’ve been overweight for a long time or don’t know how to lose weight the right way, then dieting can be a huge challenge.

Thankfully, losing weight isn’t that complicated. It’s a matter of simple math, really, and it’s mostly a matter of developing positive food habits that will last. We’ve put together a list of six strategies you can use to lose weight and stick to that diet to see the results you deserve.

Start Small

The thought of exercising can be a lot for overweight people who don’t move around a lot. Imagining themselves running or joining a gym class can be daunting. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that hard. All you have to do is keep moving. Start by going on one or two walks every day. Invest in a standing desk so you’re not sedentary for eight or more hours while you work. Take conference calls on the phone as you walk on a trail outside. Buy a dog and take it for walks at night! Do whatever you need to do to get moving and burn more calories. The busier you are, the less inclined you will be to snack as well.

Start Eating Way More Protein

One of the major challenges to successful dieting and calorie-cutting is feeling like you’re always hungry. It takes a while for your body to adjust to the new normal, and it’s going to try and fight back. You’ll feel hungry often and intensely. It will take a few weeks until your body adjusts. What you need to do is replace foods you’re used to eating with high-protein foods that make you feel fuller for longer. It will help you get through those hunger cravings. Eat more chicken, meat, and have some protein shakes as meal replacements. Try eating more eggs in the morning, and stay away from sugar as much as possible.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress to lose weight long-term. If you’re starting a new diet, you’ll likely lose a lot of water weight at first and then gain it back. That bounce can be discouraging. Stick with it and keep tracking your weight loss. Write down what you eat. You have to set goals and hold yourself accountable to them to succeed.

Peptides and Weight Loss

One peptide called hgh Fragment 176-191, is a small piece of human growth hormone that has proven to enhance fat-burning ability in mice engineered to be obese. One of the brightest spots with regard to Fragment 176-191 is that it promotes fat burning in animal models without some of the typical insulin sensitivity associated with human growth hormone. It’s being used to explore more about human fat metabolism. Hgh Fragment is not yet FDA approved for human use. There is more research being done to determine the future medical possibilites.

Skip Meals

Believe it or not, you can start skipping meals as a great way to lose weight. It may sound like too much at first, but you can try shrinking your meals progressively to the point where you reduce portion sizes and total calorie count. Intermittent fasting has a lot of health benefits for the digestive system and is believed to increase mental and physical performance. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

Drink More Every Day

Increase your water consumption to lose weight faster without feeling like you’re starving yourself. Most people are severely dehydrated, and drinking more water helps stave off hunger cravings. Drink a lot before and during meals to help yourself feel full faster. Drinking more water can also boost your metabolism and is great for your skin!