5 Top Benefits of Dental Veneers Over Other Techniques

Dental veneers are small, tooth-colored shells that cover the front of your teeth to improve their appearance. Your Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center specialist uses high-quality dental materials, like porcelain or resin-composite materials, to create them. Dental veneers are cosmetic in nature since they can conceal various cosmetic flaws, including chips, cracks, gaps, or tooth discoloration. Here are five benefits of dental veneers over other techniques that explain why they’re an excellent alternative.

1.      Veneers need very little enamel removal

One advantage of dental veneers over other types of treatments is that they do not need the removal of your natural teeth. They need a tiny piece of enamel removed to bond to the front of your teeth. That’s significant because your teeth are susceptible to sensitivity and decay once your enamel is gone. However, crowns and bridges cover all of one or more teeth, so you’ll have to lose a lot more of your natural teeth to receive them.

2.      Veneers cover chips, gaps, and cracks

If your teeth have small flaws such as gaps, chips, or cracks, a treatment known as bonding is commonly used to address them. This entails applying tooth-colored epoxy to the afflicted region to repair it and restore its immaculate appearance. However, dental veneers may achieve the same result and last considerably longer than bonding. Also, porcelain veneers are a more lasting substance than resin and will not require touch-ups or modifications over time.

3.      Veneers do not need any special maintenance or care

Another significant advantage of dental veneers is that they do not require extra maintenance or care once installed. To maintain them in good health and look wonderful, you must brush and floss regularly. Furthermore, because dental veneers are non-porous, they are more resistant to stains and damage than real teeth. That is, they help to safeguard your natural teeth for as long as you have them.

4.      Dental veneers look and feel natural

Since veneers are custom-made for each individual, they will exactly match your natural teeth. The procedure begins with your dentist taking an imprint of your teeth, which a dental lab will use to build dental veneers specifically for you. When the dentist finishes the process by connecting them to your teeth, they’ll mold them even further to ensure a perfect fit. They’ll appear and feel so natural that only you and your physician know you have them.

5.      Veneers prevent discoloration

Dental veneers are significantly more resistant to discoloration than natural enamel, so they may maintain your smile white and beautiful without requiring regular whitening procedures. They’ll look wonderful for up to 10 years or more if you’re cautious about what you consume and maintain appropriate oral hygiene.

Veneers are a great method to improve your smile and increase your confidence – and they could be right for you. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each treatment option before making a selection. Also, discuss your unique cosmetic objectives with your dentist to determine whether dental veneers are viable. Call Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center to schedule your meeting today to determine if you are the best candidate for dental veneer procedures.