5 Qualities of Good Intended Parents To Consider

Carrying another person’s kid is a life-altering duty and collaboration that surrogates take extremely seriously. You want to have a close relationship with the parents; you should not accept bearing for just anybody. As a surrogate, you probably have specific requirements for your surrogacy partner. If you are still uncertain, though, you should bear in mind that there are several characteristics that all good intending parents should possess. Consider these guidelines as you go about finding compatible intended parents San Diego.

1)     Somebody Who Matches Your Surrogacy Preferences and Goals

Every potential surrogate must ensure that the prospective parents share the same surrogacy preferences and objectives. Each surrogacy experience is unique; you will have different expectations than another gestational surrogate. Thus, you should ensure that you are matched with a surrogacy partner who satisfies your aspirations and seeks the same goal in their surrogacy adventure.

2)     Somebody Who Meets Your Requirements

You must also compile a list of desirable attributes for the intended parents you are carrying. The matching process is a collaborative one. However, you will have input over the types of parents you are willing to carry.

As a component of your surrogacy strategy, you will develop a description of your preferred intended parent, including, but not limited to, the following characteristics:

·       Sexual orientation

·       Family makeup

·       Marital status

·       Location

3)     Somebody Who Values Your Opinions

Surrogacy is a collaboration; thus, your prospective parents must be willing to build a good rapport with you. Be wary of intended parents who disrespect your personal opinions or try to convince you to shift your mind about specific conditions.

You have the same right as intended parents to select your surrogacy path. Occasionally, you might have to tell the intended parents ‘no’ if their surrogacy desires and ambitions make you uneasy.

4)     Somebody Interested in Getting to Know You

Similarly, you should seek out intended parents who are sincerely interested in a great relationship. Surrogacy can have many highs and lows, and a solid relationship with the intended parents will make a significant impact.

Do your intended parents make an effort to learn about you, your family, and your surrogacy desires? If so, it indicates they aim to develop a bond that will be mutually beneficial along this journey.

During early talks with prospective parents, pay careful attention to what is being said. Are they questioning you about yourself, or does the talk seem to be primarily about their wants? These details will provide insight into the true nature of the intended parents as the surrogacy journey progresses.

5)     Somebody Who Makes You Feel Comfortable

Lastly, it is crucial to follow your intuition when selecting intended parents. Numerous gestational carriers report that they ‘simply know’ when prospective parents are a good match- there is an instant connection.

 Although you should consider the factors mentioned above, do not overlook the significance of a natural connection.

The surrogacy path might appear long and challenging, but it will be a wonderful experience with the proper match. At Great Beginnings Surrogacy @Gen 5, your surrogacy expert will only connect you with intended parents who are screened and ready to start their surrogacy journey. If you choose an intended parent as your surrogacy match, understand they are prepared to start anytime you are. Call the San Diego, CA, office or request an appointment online to get started today.