What are the two main type of tantric massage?

London Tantric massage is s kind of massage done on the whole body, but the focus of the massage is on specific points of the body, including the penis and vulva. It is a massage that gives deep relaxation to your body and mind. Tantric massage is done in an ancient spiritual way with some modifications done in it. It keeps you the whole energetic day to work without tiredness.

Tantric massage is based on different traditional cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism to give you a different experience that helps to feel better and much relaxed. If you want to take the experience of massage, then Tantric massage is one of the most satisfying ways to feel your desire.

How they give Tantric massage?

  • The first thing they do is make a comfortable space for the person who is there to get a massage, and they are also dimmed with a piece of shallow music that makes you feel relax.
  • Then they press the sensitive points of your body, which will help you feel relaxed and make you feel comfortable. In this, they keep a pillow under your head and hips.
  • In the next step, they will put the oil on your body and give you a massage which is the best part of the whole massage process and will make you feel stress-free and energetic.
  • Now they will do the massage by pressing the points of your foot fingers, which will make your lower body fresh and helps you to keep calm and cool
  • Personal hygiene is a must if you want to take the massage and get its experience. Hygiene is essential because of the rules of the Tantric massage parlor.

Types of tantric massage

1 Buddhist tantric

 Is one of the most challenging and complex types of massage as in this the rules and regulations are very strict related to the nature as Buddhism strictly follows the rules to prevent the nature. This massage is practiced by dharanis, pranayama, and some special mudras to make you feel relaxed.

Buddhism tells you about four types of traditions which are as follows

  • Acharya tantric
  • kriya tantric
  • yoga tantric
  • Hindu yoga tantric

2 Hindu tantra

In Hindu tantric, the massage is done on the ancient teachings of the Hindu Parana’s and so many other old traditions of the Hindu culture. This technique is used so many years back, which is one of the most used sciences worldwide.

It includes the words such as

1 the feeling of mantra

2 intense awareness.

Conclusion The London Tantric massage is one of the most popular in London as people go to the massage because of the services they offer and the experience their team has to do the massage they give the massage with the oldest methods which makes you feel bit relaxed. They the oldest and most experienced staff to give the best experience to their customers.