Other Software Tools That You Can Use In Playing Poker

What is the major difference between a great and good poker player? Good players rely on their skills and experience in playing the game. Meanwhile, great players will continuously learn and improve their skills. Watching your opponent play is a decent strategy. However, it will take a long time to figure out everything. This will also tell you a little about your style of playing.

As such, to be a pro player, you must make use of the available tools that will help you analyze your moves against your opponents. With this, it will help you become a better poker player efficiently and effectively. Here are some must-try software that will help you in playing poker:

Hold’em Manager

Hold’em Manager has many similarities with PokerTracker. With this software, you can have detailed stats regarding your online poker history at totojitu. You can also learn information regarding the history of your opponents that you have faced up. With the use of this program, it will not just run the numbers for you after your session. It will also do it while you are seated. This customizable HUD or heads up display will provide the percentage under your opponents. They will base it on how often you bet on each street.

For beginners, it can take some time to get used to this software. However, the benefits won’t take long to appreciate.


One of the best end-game solutions for SNGs and MTTs is ICMIZER. This is considered as an advanced calculator that will help you make the right preflop decisions at some stages of the tournaments. This will show exactly how you must play in every possible situation.

Indeed, it is a must to understand when to push or fold at totojitu. Also, it is important to know how can ICM will influence your decisions. This software tool will help you level up your game without any problems. Finally, this tool is user-friendly and you can use it easily in all tournament stages. This can also provide accurate calculations.

PIO Solver

One of the best software is PIO Solver. This will help you analyze the game strategy in the heads-up play. With this tool, you can see what hands to bet on any situation. This will also dictate how frequently you should do that based on your current set-up.

You can also assign your ranges to the solver. This will help you get a realistic solution to your situation.


If you wish to learn from the computer on how to analyze your moves and improve the game, then this is the right software for you. Pokersnowie will check your moves and analyze your decisions. It will point out places where you can improve and play a better hand.

As you install this software in your game, it will point out the things that you should be doing differently. It will show you opportunities for how you can make more money. If you are feeling confident, you can play a game or two and see your strategies.